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Location: 339 Hinds Hall

Director: Josh Konowitz,

Vice Director: Chris Sekerak,

Faculty Advisor: Marcene Sonneborn,

About Us

NEXIS is a student-driven technology lab in the Syracuse University School of Information Studies focusing on Emerging Technologies. NEXIS accelerates learning and provokes innovation by enabling both graduate and undergraduate students to explore and discover emerging technologies through individual and team research projects.

Our Mission

“The pursuit of collaborative research in the spirit of student-driven discovery and innovation in the information field”

Our Mentality

  1. Be Curious. Our team strives to learn by exploring new technologies, asking more questions, and pushing themselves beyond their comfort zone.
  1. Be Innovative. Our projects encourage Researchers to think outside-the-box by utilizing design-thinking principles such as uncensored ideation and an empathic-focused approach.
  1. Be Collaborative. Most importantly, our students work collaboratively by leveraging their peers’ strengths and knowledge in order to achieve success.

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