Carlos E. Caicedo Bastidas

Associate Professor
215 Hinds Hall
Phone: 315.443.1363
Carlos Caicedo

Carlos E. Caicedo Bastidas is an Associate Professor at the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University and Director of the Center for Emerging Network Technologies (CENT). He has a Ph.D. in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh and holds M.Sc. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and from the Universidad de los Andes, Colombia. He has been a Visiting Scientist at the Wireless Information Network Laboratory (WINLAB) of Rutgers University (2019) and a visiting professor at the University of Arizona (2013), a teaching fellow at the University of Pittsburgh as well as an instructor professor at the Universidad de los Andes in Colombia.

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  • Dynamic spectrum assignment methods
  • Software radio and cognitive radio technology
  • Agent-based modeling and simulation
  • Network security
  • Internet of Things / Cloud Technologies

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Dr. Caicedo is a member of ACM and a Senior member of IEEE (Communications, Computer and Education societies). He is also a member of the IEEE Standards Association and actively participates in the elaboration of standards of the IEEE DySPAN-SC (Dynamic Spectrum Access and Networks Standardization Committee) 1900.5 Working group on Policy Language and Policy Architectures for Managing Cognitive Radio for Dynamic Spectrum Access Applications.

  • Advanced Enterprise Network Management
  • Scripting for Enterprise Data Systems
  • Security in Networked Environments
  • Network Virtualization
  • Applied Data Science