Digital Work Group

The Digital Work Group focuses on the intersection of changes in work, information technologies, and new ways of organizing.

Our group’s research focuses on the roles and functions of information and communication technologies and the institutional contexts in which these systems are embedded. Our interest is to the ways in which the way work is organized is evolving as jobs become more project-based, as the roles of digital technologies expand from supporting workers to structuring work, and the ways in which working lives are increasingly informated.

Our multidisciplinary approach draws a range of methods and theories from organizational studies, sociology, science and technology studies (STS), labor economics, Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), and others.

The Digital Work group involves undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty from both Syracuse University’s iSchool and Skidmore College.

Research Staff

Bernadette Berner

Bernadette Berner

Bernadette Berner is a Sophomore at Skidmore College and is planning to major in Management and Business with a minor in Economics. Bernadette joined the Digital Work research team in September 2021. Bernadette is interested in technology’s effects on labor markets. 

Rebecca Farrell

Rebecca Farrell

Rebecca is a Junior at Syracuse University majoring in Applied Mathematics and Neuroscience in the College of Arts and Sciences and minoring in Data Analytics in the School of Information Studies. Rebecca joined the Digital Work Research team in September 2021. Rebecca is interested in the digitalization of workplace technologies. 

Pyeonghwa Kim Headshot

Pyeonghwa Kim

Pyeonghwa is a Ph.D. student at the Syracuse University iSchool. Her main research interests lie in the areas of information systems and worker-centered design. Her current interest revolves around the experience of technologies within organizational and personal contexts in relation to career navigation and work-life balance. She holds a B.A. in Media and Communications from Goldsmiths University of London and an M.S. in Digital Contents and Information Studies from Seoul National University.

Emily Michaels

Emily Michaels

Emily is a senior at the School of Information Studies majoring in Information Management and Technology and Psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences. Emily joined the Digital Work research team in October 2020. Emily’s research focuses on gender disparities in freelance work. Connect with Emily on LinkedIn at:

Isabel Munoz

Isabel Munoz

Isabel is a PhD student at Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies (iSchool). She received her Master’s degree in Communication from the University of Wyoming. Isabel is focused on human-computer interaction (HCI), namely information systems design and technology-supported resilience research. Her specific interests are centered on supporting underrepresented populations and women in pursuing and succeeding in digital work. Connect with Isabel on LinkedIn at or learn more at:

Clea O'Neil

Clea O’Neil

Clea O’Neil is a Sophomore at Skidmore College, and is planning to major in Management and Business. Clea joined the Digital Work Research Team in September 2021, and is interested in how freelancing has changed in recent years. 

Ellie Owen

Ellie Owen

Ellie Owen is a sophomore at Skidmore College majoring in Business. Ellie joined the Digital Work Research Team in September 2021. Currently, Ellie is focused on how Upwork ensures freelancers don’t go off-platform and how freelancers find work online.


Bethanya Philipos

Bethanya Philipos

Bethanya is a senior at the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Psychology with a minor in Information Management & Technology at the iSchool. Bethanya joined the Digital Work team in August 2021 with an interest in organizational behavior & digitalization in the workplace. 

Raghav Raheja

Raghav Raheja

Raghav is a first year PhD student at Syracuse University. He has a Master’s degree in Information Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. The primary areas of research Raghav aligns with is Artificial Intelligence, Decision Making and Psychology Studies. He specifically wants to understand the effect of information (from multiple sources) on decision making.


Jean-Phillipe Rancy

Jean-Philippe is currently a PhD candidate at the Syracuse University iSchool. His research areas currently lie in Human-Computer Interaction and Human Factors & Ergonomics and is interested in studying the phenomena surrounding human immersion with technology via visualization mechanisms, such as multimodal interaction. His passions are in visualization and immersion technology, cloud computing infrastructures, and technology infrastructure design. His goals include researching and developing new methods and technologies to enhance the quality of life, values, and efficiency regarding interaction between a human operator and machinery. He currently holds his Bachelors and Masters Degree in Information Systems from Le Moyne College.

Heba Salman headshot

Heba Salman

Heba Salman is a Skidmore College student, class of 2025, and is planning in majoring in Psychology and minoring in Business and Management. Heba joined the Digital Work Research team in December 2021. She is interested in how digitalization of the workplace impacts the interactions that freelance workers have with employers.

Steven Sawyer

Steve Sawyer

Steve is a professor at Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies. His research focuses on the changing forms of work and organizing enabled through uses of information and communication technologies. This is done through detailed field-based studies of freelance and nomadic workers, scientific collaborators, software developers, real estate agents, police officers, organizational technologists, and other information-intensive work settings.  He has also been active in advancing sociotechnical approaches to studying computing collectively known as social informatics. Sawyer’s work is published in a range of venues and supported by funds from the National Science Foundation, IBM and other public and private sponsors. Prior to returning to Syracuse in 2008, Steve was a founding faculty member of the Pennsylvania State University’s College of Information Sciences and Technology. He earned his Doctorate from Boston University in 1995.

Sofia is a sophomore at Skidmore College where she plans to major in Business and minor in Art History. She joined the research team in the fall of 2021. Sofia is learning how Upwork users brand their identities and progress in the app. 

Gabby Vaccaro

Gabby Vaccaro

Gabby is currently a junior at Skidmore College double majoring in Business and International Affairs. Gabby joined the Digital Work research team in January of 2020. She is focusing on how COVID-19 impacts gender roles in the freelancing environment.


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