Steven Sawyer

Professor and Core Faculty of Renée Crown Honors Program
344 Hinds Hall
Phone: (315) 443-6147
Steven Sawyer

My research builds on and advances the social informatics tradition through particular attention to the ways in which people organize to work together and use information and communication technologies.

I am looking for a doctoral student to work with me beginning in Fall, 2020.

The courses I lead focus student’s attention to the design, development and implementation of information systems, managing projects and systems, and to the roles of information and communication technologies relative to organizational and social change. For more information, please see my current CV.

Educational Background

1995 D.B.A. Management Information Systems, Boston University

1989 M.S. Management Information Systems, Boston University

1986 M.S. Ocean Engineering, University of Rhode Island

1982 B.S. Marine Transportation, The United States Merchant Marine Academy (with honors)


My research focuses on the design, development, deployment and uses of information technologies and new forms of information-sharing systems. In doing this I also advance social informatics (and, more broadly, socio-technical principles for studying information and communication technologies) by focusing on social practices, collective action, the roles and functions of the technologies and systems of information sharing, and the institutional contexts in which these happen.

Current research projects include:

Distributed scientific collaborations, working with and sharing data, and scientific data repositories.

Nomadic work, project-based (gig) work, and the technological skills (e.g., infrastructural competency), contingent work, and new ways of organizing.

Recently completed projects:

Information sharing in policing and public-safety

Uses of information and communication technologies in real estate

Information sharing and innovation networks (through both formal and informal organizing)

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My focal interests in working and using digital technologies drives my interdisciplinary scholarship.

As such , I am involved in both the iSchool’s efforts to create a broad space and the specific efforts of a great group of scholars involved in the consortium for the sciences of sociotechnical systems (or “CSST,” see for more).

My professional associations include:

  •  Academy of Management
  • Occupations, Organizations and Work (OOW)
  • Organizational Communications and Information Systems (OCIS)
  • American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIST)
  • Special Interest Group on Social Informatics (SIGSI)
  • American Sociological Association
  • Computers and Information Technology Section (CITAMS)
  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
  • Special Interest Group on Computers and Society (SIGCAS)
  • Association for Information Systems (AIS)
  • International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP)
  • Working Group 8.2 (Information Systems in Organizations and Society)
  • Working Group 9.1 (Computers and Work)
  • Society for the Social Studies of Science (4S)

Editorial roles include:

  • Senior Editor (reporting to Editors-in-Chief), Journal of Information Technology (since 2008, member of the board since 2000).
  • Associate Editor (reporting to Editor-in-Chief), The Information Society (since 2000).
  • Member of the editorial board, Journal of the Association of Information Systems (since 2017).
  • Member of the editorial board, New Technology, Work, and Employment (since 2014)
  • Member of the editorial board, Journal of the American Society of Information Science and Technology (since 2009).

My approach to teaching is constructivist and relies on the principles of problem-based learning.

This approach challenges the students and invigorates the learning experience, but its not so great if you’re a student looking for powerpoint lectures and other forms of edutainment. I lead courses for undergraduate honors students, professional masters, and doctoral students. Courses include the future of work, managing information-based organizations, and doctoral seminars and workshops on sociotechnical systems and social informatics. My executive education courses focus on strategic and tactical opportunities relative to emerging technologies.



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Awarded Highly Commended Paper by MCB Press.

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I enjoy my family, cultural opportunities, being outdoors, sporting events – and to doing these in the four seasons that Central New York showcases so magnificently.