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Center for the Futures of Work, Information and Technology

The Center for the Futures of Work, Information and Technology promotes research on the interlinked transformation of work and dynamics of emerging technologies, and to translate research findings to inform practice, pedagogy and policy.

In 2018 the NSF identified the “Future of Work at the Human Technology Frontier” as one of its 10 “big ideas.” The objective of that effort is to encourage interdisciplinary research to understand how “constantly evolving technologies are actively shaping the lives of workers and how people in turn can shape those technologies.” In so doing, it aims to use those findings “to increase opportunities for workers and productivity for the American economy.”

Technology is a central focus, as its use enables and empowers certain types of work, displaces others and creates new kinds of work that were not previously possible. Information and communications technologies (ICTs) in particular have facilitated the development of new ways of working. ICTs have dramatically reduced transaction costs, making it possible to sell goods and services used and new to an entire nation and the world. ICT-enabled platforms opened the doors for contingent work that can be done by anyone with access to the Internet and some tools, providing flexibility at the cost of a lack of predictability and the protections of established modes of employment. These and other developments call out for research to document the current landscape of work and technology, to understand how work is changing and determine how best to deploy emerging technologies in order to inform policy and education.

The center provides a focal point to rally faculty across the school to advance research on the changing nature of work and to incorporate insights into new educational and outreach activities. The center provides a connecting point to industry, employers and alums and a space for researchers to share their research and turn it into value for students, employers and the broader community.

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