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Alumni in the Field

Alumni in the Field

Solve today's most important information problems from information security to Internet policy.

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Jump into the information technology world with a major in Information Management & Technology. Dual degrees, accelerated degrees, and minors in data science and startups.

Master's Programs

Master's Degree Programs

Our master's programs span the information field: Library and Information Science, Applied Data Science, Enterprise Data Systems, and Information Management.

Certificate Programs

Certificate of Advanced Study Programs

Explore graduate certificates of advanced study (C.A.S.) programs in Data Science, Information Security, Information Technology, School Media, and more.

Doctoral Program

Doctoral Programs

Research training to advance the field of information. Focusing on systems, policy, and impact. Residential, flexible, and centered around developing future scholars.

Why Study Information?

The future opens wide for those who can master our ever-evolving,
data-driven world – come learn that mastery from the experts
at the Syracuse University iSchool!

- Interim Dean David Seaman


The iSchool Difference

The School of Information Studies (iSchool) empowers students to leverage the most precious commodity in today’s global, knowledge-based society—intellectual capital.

Our students approach their studies with imaginative entrepreneurial spirits. Our faculty encourage students innovate and take risks as they actively engage in collaborative, interdisciplinary hands-on experiences.

The outcome: our graduates go on to play integral roles in all sectors of the economy: public, private and non-profit.

The iSchool Network

More than 7,000 alumni around the world remain engaged with the iSchool through innovative programs and networking events that connect graduates with current students.


Faculty Experts

The iSchool has a balanced commitment to scholarship, teaching, and research that attracts the finest scholars in the world. Our interdisciplinary faculty members collaborate with colleagues across fields of study and readily partner with global communities of experts to expand the boundaries of exploration in the information field.

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