Corporate Partnership Opportunities

We offer a variety of opportunities for organizations from all industries and across the spectrum of technology to engage with our students and faculty.

Recruit iSchool Students

The iSchool partners with top employers to ensure that our graduates have the skills and expertise you’re looking for. Recruit our students on-campus through one of the events listed below, host them at your company, or connect with them virtually. Contact us to hire our students and to learn about becoming a Career Services Partner.

iSchool Career Fairs are our biggest recruiting events, held at the beginning of each fall and spring semester. Career Fairs are intense and rewarding and are the culmination of several weeks of preparation by our students. Whether you’re looking for hire for full-time employment or internships, we welcome you to meet our talented students.

These formal presentations give students an overview of your company, opportunities within, and your recruiting process.

Assist our career services team by sharing your expertise in a workshop. Workshop topics include resume and cover letter writing, internship and job search strategies, interview preparation, case study preparation, and managing a professional online presence.

Host mock interviews with iSchool students. Meet engaged students while helping them gain valuable interviewing experience and skills.

By tabling in Hinds Hall, you give students an opportunity to learn about your company and engage with you in a relaxed setting. Your presence in our bustling main lobby will help promote awareness of your brand.

A company day on campus is an ideal way to showcase your organization to the iSchool community and students. Through a variety of events scheduled throughout one day, you will develop strong connections with students and faculty, increase your brand awareness with the school and on campus, and shine a spotlight on your organization.

Engage iSchool Students

Collaborate with the iSchool to recruit talented students, connect with innovative researchers, showcase your organization on campus, and inspire future technologists. We invite you to explore the opportunities below and contact us to learn more.

The iSchool is committed to creating a diverse environment where all students are welcomed, and where students who are historically underrepresented in technology-focused fields are empowered to succeed. Contact us to inspire, recruit, retain, educate, and mentor talented students from all backgrounds, preparing them for personal, academic, and professional achievements.

Share your expertise and experiences by connecting with students in the classroom. Through guest lectures, capstone projects, data sets, and projects, you can strengthen students’ understanding of course content, enhance their learning experience, and help them connect their coursework to their career goals. Contact us to become involved with one of our courses.

The iSchool has 15+ student organizations which support the needs and interests of iSchool students. Student organizations look for guests to share industry insights, give workshops, and guide professional development. If you see a group you’d like to collaborate with, let us know and we’ll introduce you.

Immersion experiences bring iSchool students to your workplace. Give a tour of your company office, hold an information session, or organize a meet-and-greet with your staff. You will enhance students’ academic and professional development and may find your next intern or employee. Contact us to be a part of an immersion experience.

iSchool students are just as active outside the classroom as they are in. Eager to grow both personally and professionally, they seek out challenges and opportunities to expand their knowledge and have a positive impact on the community around them. Contact us to learn more about a variety of engagement opportunities.

At the iSchool we are deeply committed to our current students – as well as our future students. It is important to us to introduce K-12 students to technology, the information and data around them, and a future innovating with it. Collaborate with us to inspire K-12 students and to support them as they explore new possibilities. Contact us to support the program below and to learn about developing initiatives.

It Girls

Innovate Through Research

Collaborate with our world-renowned faculty and talented students through the iSchool’s research centers and labs. Our faculty are experts in their fields and mentor talented undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students who explore leading edge practices and technologies. Together they influence the future of work. They analyze public data to make smarter cities. They discover new ways to use emerging technologies. They create thoroughly researched, free resources to improve public libraries and societies.

Connect on Research Initiatives

There are a variety of ways to connect with faculty and students on research-focused initiatives, including:

  • Guest lectures, speaker series, and workshops
  • Expansive initiatives with our centers and labs
  • Student trainings
  • Visiting corporate researchers
  • Specific research projects
  • Working with faculty in their research areas

You can also explore our research centers and labs and contact us to innovate together.

Develop Your Workforce

Empower your employees by partnering with the iSchool through professional development and executive education opportunities. From degrees and certificates of advanced study to new digital badges customized to your organization’s goals, there are options available for professionals at any level to enhance their skillsets for new challenges or the next stage of their career. We offer individual and group options so no matter the size of your team, contact us to learn more.

Utilize our Innovative Facilities

The iSchool is a hub for advanced computing environments and infrastructures, and we are in sync with the latest technology trends and ideas. Contact us to collaborate with faculty and students in one or both environments. Start a project, showcase your equipment, mentor students, and more!

The iSchool is the first school at Syracuse University to become cloud-first. In addition to leveraging Microsoft Azure Lab Services to host iSchool courses, labs, and research projects, we are also transforming our curriculum through a first of its kind agreement with Microsoft to access the Azure cloud through Visual Studio Enterprise subscriptions. iSchool faculty and students have the tools to innovate and learn in a one-of-a-kind environment, collaborate with organizations in the cloud, and lead digital transformation.

Based in our Center for Emerging Network Technologies (CENT) and NEXIS Student Technology Lab, and spanning our entire building, is the iSchool’s IoT testbed infrastructure. It provides a home for students, faculty, and corporate partners interested in IoT to assemble and deploy sensors on wired, wireless, coaxial and LoRaWAN networks, configure them and/or participate in the deployment of data analytics infrastructure and services needed to process IoT data. With multiple data processing clusters for this testbed, the iSchool community has access to resources for research and an environment to learn about IoT devices, infrastructure, the complexities of IoT device management, data collection and management issues.

Increase Your Visibility on Campus

Build brand awareness and gain visibility across campus while connecting directly with iSchool faculty and students. With innovation and information at our core, we are excited to collaborate with organizations of all sizes and in all fields. Our technology-focused footprint on campus is broad and students from across campus take iSchool courses. Our faculty lead multi-disciplinary research initiatives on-campus and around the world.

Contact us to identify short- and long-term engagement and sponsorship opportunities that align with your organization’s priorities. We look forward to showcasing your work with us.

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