It Girls Alumnae

Graduates from the iSchool’s IT Girls program can connect with each other through our IT Girls Alumnae program, helping create deeper networks and bond even further.

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The iSchool’s It Girls Alumnae Group is made up of women who attended one of our It Girls program at the iSchool, who then decided to attend Syracuse University.

The experience they had at It Girls, the bonds they formed with other girls, and the mentoring and guidance that evolved with the It Girls experience helped to form this alumnae group, whose express purpose is to unite the It Girls on campus, to expose young women to the technology field, and to support women everywhere as they break barriers and pursue dreams.

They hold professional development workshops, host social gatherings, and volunteer at It Girls, where over 100 girls gather on campus to experience the possibilities that information technology offers.

For more information, contact one of Student e-Board Members listed below.

Student e-Board

The e-board for 2020-2021 will be announced soon!


Staff Advisors – Adrienne Graves