Certificate of Advanced Study in Data Science

A powerful mix of theory and technique for any business.

Being able to understand and apply data-driven insights can help businesses understand their customer’s needs, solve unique problems in creative ways, and use innovative techniques to improve their operations processes.

Ranked as Glassdoor’s #1 best job three years in a row, data scientists are both critical to the success of any organization and in high demand on the job market.

But you don’t have to be a fully fledged data scientist in order to harness the power of data. With our Data Science certificate program, you’ll gain the theoretical background and technical skill needed to give you a competitive edge in any industry.

The C.A.S. in Data Science will teach you to handle data through its full lifecycle: architecting, acquiring, analyzing, and archiving. And with courses covering topics including collaboration, digital curation, information assurance, project management, research, scripting, statistics, and information visualization, our graduates apply their knowledge to problems in scientific research, national defense, healthcare, finance, and more.

When you graduate with a C.A.S. in Data Science, you’ll be ready for interdisciplinary work focused on managing big data using the tools of IT.

This certificate requires 15 graduate credits. All courses are 3 graduate credits unless specified otherwise.

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  • Collect, store, and access data by identifying and leveraging applicable technologies
  • Create actionable insight across a range of contexts (e.g. societal, business, political), using data and the full data science life cycle
  • Apply ethics in the development, use and evaluation of data and predictive models (e.g., fairness, bias, transparency, privacy

The same faculty and coursework, available online.

As leaders in technology, we’ve been teaching online for decades. Our online program combines live weekly classes, multimedia coursework, and collaborative group learning exercises with a platform to help you cultivate lifelong professional relationships with professors and alumni worldwide.

You’ll learn from the same faculty and take the same courses as the on-campus program, and enjoy the same access to the Orange network when you graduate.

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