Information Technology & Management Minor

A primer for technology in business and society.

From issues of privacy and security to the fight for digital equality and social justice, technology is becoming increasingly intertwined with the foundations of our society. The extent to which we’re able to consume information and apply data-driven insights can influence business decisions, elections, education, and more.

 Truly understanding the role of technology takes more than technical skill. It requires a human-centered approach to examining the way information functions in society.  Our program blends perspectives from business and technology with a focus on understanding what information is, how it’s used, and all the various ways different people interact with it.

Every organization needs someone who understands the strengths and challenges of information technology. That’s why our Information Management & Technology (IM&T) minor makes a desirable addition to any area of study.  Best of all, it’s open to all students outside of the iSchool, regardless of college or major.

This minor requires 18 undergraduate credits. At minimum of 12 credits must be at the 300+ level. All courses are 3 undergraduate credits unless specified otherwise.

The 18 credits are distributed as follows:

  • 9 credits in Required Courses
    • 3 credits in IST 195 – Information Technologies
    • 3 credits in a Technology Course (see Course Catalog for list of courses)
    • 3 credits in a Management Course (see Course Catalog for list of courses)
  • 9 credits in Electives
    • Select three other information and technology courses, preferable from an IM&T concentration.

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The IM&T minor is an 18-credit program that provides the basic knowledge and skills to understand information technology. The IM&T minor is open to all non-iSchool major undergraduate students.

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