Certificate of Advanced Study in Enterprise Technology Leadership

Become a tech-driven business leader in any industry.

Do you dream of landing a leadership role in technology? Are you looking to gain a competitive advantage at your job, or does your company want to invest in personal development throughout the whole staff?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then our Certificate of Advanced Study in Enterprise Technology Leadership (ETL) will help you pursue and achieve your goals.

Offered jointly by the iSchool and the Martin J. Whitman School of Management, the C.A.S. in ETL will sharpen your skills across leadership, project management, and IT systems design.

This certificate requires 15 graduate credits. All courses are three (3) graduate credits unless specified otherwise.

The C.A.S. in Enterprise Technology Leadership will emphasize three types of foundational skills essential to today’s technology leaders:

  1. Leadership: graduates will be able to apply best practices in leadership and decision making to their selected disciplinary area.
  2. Project Management: graduates will be able to apply best practices in technology project management to their disciplinary area, recognizing that technology projects involve organizational change and therefore must be managed appropriately to engage stakeholders in the change effort.
  3. Technology: graduates will be able to design appropriate technology architectures and systems in the student’s disciplinary area that integrate with an enterprise’s strategic goals.

In addition, through taking electives in one of the listed disciplinary areas, C.A.S. in ETL graduates will be able to:

  1. Build a strong and flexible technology infrastructure in their disciplinary area that can adapt to changing enterprise strategies and conditions involving scalability, resilience, flexibility and re-use of technical solutions and best practices;
  2. Define options for related technologies in their disciplinary area that can provide innovative solutions for strategic business goals and objectives in enterprises, and evaluate these options against the constraints and opportunities of a given scenario;
  3. Work productively together with distributed and culturally diverse peers and colleagues of various experience levels through purposeful and effective communication as modeled in the learning environment of the program.

The same faculty and coursework, available online.

As leaders in technology, we’ve been teaching online for decades. Our online program combines live weekly classes, multimedia coursework, and collaborative group learning exercises with a platform to help you cultivate lifelong professional relationships with professors and alumni worldwide.

You’ll learn from the same faculty and take the same courses as the on-campus program, and enjoy the same access to the Orange network when you graduate.

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