Inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility

Information and technology form a critical foundation for how our society interacts. We must commit to diversity in our field in order to foster positive change.

As horrific examples of racism and injustice have sparked outrage across the country and the globe, we are reminded that we are still a long way from an equal and just society.

While these incidents have found national awareness, we also recognize that acts of discrimination, violence, and hatred play out every day across our country and our globe. And if we want this to change, we must each play a role.

As iSchoolers, we must continue our efforts to create a culture where hate and discrimination have no place. We must use our voices to advocate for equality and justice for all. We must act not just in solidarity, but in proactive, change-driving ways that make a real impact. And we must move forward with open-mindedness and intention.

This work is not easy. It requires difficult conversations. It requires confronting stereotypes, committing to change at a systemic level. And it requires compassion.This work at the iSchool is a priority, and we continue to take actions to help us reach our collective vision of a time when equality, diversity and inclusiveness is a reality.

We want to ensure that the iSchool is a place of belonging, acceptance, and safety. But we also want make the iSchool a place of changemaking, and a place where we use what power and voice we have to move toward a more equal and just society for all.

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The IDEA Conversation series brings speakers to the iSchool community to talk about inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility topics and initiatives.

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