Ph.D. in Information Science and Technology

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A human-centered approach to information in business and society.

The Ph.D. in Information Science and Technology was the first interdisciplinary doctorate in the field, and our program continues to train those who believe that information is a manageable resource with a distinctively human component.

You’ll develop mastery across aspects of the human uses of information, information technologies, and theories of information. We combine a STEM education with the elements of business, communications, sociology, and psychology to provide a human-centered, rather than a computer science- or computer engineering-based, approach to information.

The program requires 78 credits post-baccalaureate. Up to 30 of these credits can be transferred in for Ph.D. students with a relevant master’s degree, so most Ph.D. students need to complete 48 credits while at Syracuse University.

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Comprehensive Master of a Body of Knowledge

iSchool Ph.D. students demonstrate mastery of the body of knowledge and research methods of a defined scholarly field and its relation to the interdisciplinary study of information science and technology.

Comprehensive mastery includes both an assessment of the depth of knowledge in the focal area of one’s dissertation along with an assessment of a broader range of overlapping intellectual spaces.

This combination of breadth and depth is the distinguishing characteristic of interdisciplinary Ph.D. programs and reflects a set of analytic skills and command of a breadth of knowledge beyond what disciplinary Ph.D. programs provide and expect.

Expertise with Research Design, Data Collection, and Data Analysis Methods.

Demonstrate the ability to independently plan, design, execute, and report a scholarly research project.

Competence with Leading a College Course and Designing Engaging Learning Experiences

Demonstrate the ability to plan and deliver instructional experiences at the post-secondary level.

Prepared for Professional Practices

Demonstrate knowledge of the professional norms, practices, and ethical standards of a defined scholarly field.

Pursue Academic Life

Demonstrate the ability to participate as an active contributor in the academic life as a faculty member or researcher.

Interdisciplinary Approach

IT for the real world.

Our Ph.D. curriculum combines STEM with the liberal arts, plus your individual research interests and focus areas, in order to understand how the interactions between people and information technology can shape the world around us. That includes information-related phenomena across individual, organization, societal, political, and technical settings.

research iconResearch

Delve deeper, explore farther.

Work closely with our esteemed faculty, join a research lab, and pursue investigation in your areas of expertise. Here, you’ll have the support of a close-knit group of professionals, and the resources of a major research university. You’ll gain mastery in your field, and the experience you need to take the next step in your career.


Join our ranks.

You embrace interdisciplinary nature of the information field, and invite alternative views and approaches to research. As a lifelong learner, you aspire to a career in academia or are otherwise committed to research. We invite you to apply to our program.

We fund all admitted students, and expect Ph.D. students to be dedicated to 4-5 years of intense, full-time, residential study to concentrate on your Ph.D. studies.

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