Information Management & Technology Bachelor’s Degree

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Exploring the human side of technology.

Privacy. Equality. Security. Truth. These ideas form the foundation of our society. And they’re increasingly intertwined with technology. From how data is collected and analyzed, to how we consume information, technology enables, informs, and influences our business decisions, elections, education, and more.

Truly understanding its role and applications takes more than technical skill. It requires a human-centered approach to examining the way information functions in society.

That’s why our undergraduate program in Information Management & Technology (IM&T) blends perspectives from business and technology with a focus on understanding what information is, how it’s used, and all the various ways different people interact with it.

Customize your degree with our flexible curriculum, concentrations, and minors. You’ll graduate with the in-demand skills today’s employers are seeking.

The B.S. in IM&T is 120 credits. We emphasize how information systems impact and are used by people, which is why technical aspects of the program are balanced with management, communications, and liberal arts courses. This program teaches you how to:

  • Locate and acquire information resources
  • Select, manage, and use information technology
  • Help organizations use information resources to work more efficiently and more effectively

The 120 credits are distributed as follows:

  • 39-40 credits for the IM&T Major
    • 24-25 credits in the IM&T Primary Core
    • 15 credits of IM&T Electives (including one of 6 concentrations)
  • 21-23 credits in Skills Electives
  • 36-38 credits in Arts and Sciences Divisional Requirements
  • 21-24 credits in General Electives
  • International Experience requirement

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Within your IM&T program, you can choose from six different concentrations to further specialize your skills and give you skills for your future career.

  • Data analytics: Brings together perspectives from information technology, quantitative math and information management to solve data intensive problems
  • Digital retail strategies: Enhance your knowledge of electronic commerce and layout strategy for all sorts of retail corporations, and increase your knowledge of the technologies and processes involved in electronic commerce.
  • Information security management: Investigate hardware and software vulnerabilities, understand computer viruses and hackers, and learn the financial and managerial implications of protecting information.
  • Network and systems management: Study the development of telecommunications, wireless, and other network technologies and their effect on users.
  • Project management: Develop the managerial and technical skills to oversee a variety of information systems and to create information policies for organizations.
  • Web design and management: Create and maintain web resources and sites, taking into consideration the users and organization’s needs.
Life at the iSchool

Welcome to your second home.

The iSchool is one of the smaller schools at Syracuse, making it easy to make friends, find people with similar interests, and establish meaningful connections. The tight-knit community here will make your time on campus feel like a second home.

Experiential Learning

See how IT works around the world.

We believe that the most valuable lessons are often learned outside of the classroom. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to see how information technology works on a global scale. Our curriculum’s international experience component will take you into some of the world’s largest and most innovative employers, building your network and preparing you for exciting career opportunties.


Build your expertise, and your resume.

Our graduates are in high demand. Their business know-how combined with their technical skills make them valuable employees across many industries. That’s why our graduates enjoy a starting salary higher than any other school on campus.

Average starting salary of last year’s class
Careers in our field are ranked the
most in-demand and lucrative

Combine your passions with technology.

Knowledge of digital technology and information systems crosses into many different industries. Explore our partnerships with other colleges at Syracuse, which allow you to pursue two related majors at the same time.

Dual Major with Whitman School of Management

Gain a competitive edge with a knowledge of business and finance coupled with technical training in data and information systems. This combination of skills is in high demand from employers, and will give you an advantage as you begin your career.

Along with the iSchool’s major in Information Management & Technology (IM&T), you’ll choose one of the following majors from the Whitman School of Management:

Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises
General Accounting
Management Studies
Real Estate
Retail Management
Strategic Management

Dual Major with the Newhouse School of Public Communications

Communications professionals understand the need to be savvy in emerging technologies, which is why many choose this dual degree that pairs our renowned information and technology degree with a degree from our nationally recognized educator of journalists, PR pros, and other communications professionals.

Choose one of the following Newhouse majors:

Broadcast & Digital Journalism
Graphic Design
Newspaper & Online Journalism
Public Relations
Recording & Entertainment Industries
Television, Radio & Film