Certificate of Advanced Study in Information Technology Management

Use IT and computer systems to improve business in any industry.

Information technology management has become critical to nearly every industry and organization.  Whether you’re a current or aspiring data scientist, digital content manager, cyber security analyst, information consultant, or something else entirely, the ability to bridge business and technology is a skill that will set you apart from your peers.

Regardless of your educational or professional background, our CAS in Information Technology Management will offer you foundational management skills specialized for the IT field.

After just five classes ranging from data science and cloud management to information policy and risk analysis, you’ll gain specialized knowledge that can expand your career options in business, government, and the nonprofit sector.

This certificate requires 15 graduate credits. All courses are 3 graduate credits unless otherwise specified.

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  • Create information systems solutions for organizations and individuals
  • Apply principles of management strategy, economics, finance, and information systems to support how organizations add value
  • Analyze implications of professional decisions from the viewpoint of fairness, accountability, transparency, and ecological sustainability
  • Explain how public policy and socio-economic forces influence professional decision-making
  • Design communications for various purposes and audiences
  • Demonstrate leadership and collaboration skills in professional practice

The same faculty and coursework, available online.

As leaders in technology, we’ve been teaching online for decades. Our online program combines live weekly classes, multimedia coursework, and collaborative group learning exercises with a platform to help you cultivate lifelong professional relationships with professors and alumni worldwide.

You’ll learn from the same faculty and take the same courses as the on-campus program, and enjoy the same access to the Orange network when you graduate.

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