Have you watched Ghufran’s tour of the iSchool yet? Well, you should! Take a look:


Let me guess, you’re convinced this is the place for you … but if you need a little more detail. We got you covered. Let’s go over a couple places Ghufran referenced that are a big part of Hinds Hall.

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Experiential Learning Programs and Immersion Trips

When Ghufran enters the iSchool, she points to the posters that hang on the first floor of the school. These are all posters for the iSchool’s trips, including Eurotech, Asiatech, and multiple Road Trips that take iSchool students all over the U.S.

These trips are a great example of how the iSchool gets students involved and learning about the field of information technology outside of the iSchool. Also, even if you’re not an iSchool major, these trips are also available to all Syracuse University students. Some examples are Spring Break in Silicon Valley, Peak to Peak, and Syracuse Hometown Roadtrip.

iSchool Student Services

Although you got a quick peek into Student Services, it’s a place everyone should visit if they haven’t already. It’s home to some of the most amazing advisors. They help anyone interested in the iSchool, from minors to dual majors.

Wall of Professors

Ghufran pointed to a wall of pictures of professors, assistant deans, and Ph.D. students in the iSchool. In the iSchool, we have both undergraduate and graduate programs. We also have “Fast Track” programs, which are accelerated master’s tracks for students who get their undergrad degree from the iSchool.

TechTrek Chicago

Ghufran pointed to a poster in the basement of the iSchool advertising for TechTrek Chicago. So what exactly is the immersive experience?

“TechTrek Chicago is the iSchool’s newest immersion experience in the rapidly growing Midwest entrepreneurship scene. It is home to promising startups like GrubHub, Peapod, Cars.com, Groupon, Uptake, MATTER, and Basecamp, as well as more established firms like Walgreens and Boeing. Chicago (and its surrounding cities) also host offices for Salesforce, Google, Yelp, Uber, Linkedin, CareerBuilder, Orbitz, Redbox, Motorola, and many more.”

The ICE Box

As Ghufran stated, the ICE Box stands for Innovation, Collaboration, and Entrepreneurship. This is a space for creativity and collaboration, and for students to interact with one another. HD projectors and screens allow students to facilitate meetings and group projects.


What is this innovation lab Ghufran describes?

Nexis is a “student-based,membership-driven research lab. Student innovators initiate IT projects, learning and supporting their peer innovators, together building upon today’s emerging technologies. NEXIS members freely work on independent projects to create novel innovations which advance the fields of information science, engineering, and technology.”

Connections, the iSchool Alumni Magazine

Connections is the official magazine of the iSchool. The magazine is published twice a year and has a focus on students, alumni, and iSchool happenings. You can read the most recent issue (with BLISTS on the cover!) here.