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MS in Enterprise
Data Systems

Enterprise Data Systems at the iSchool

The M.S. in Enterprise Data Systems (EDS) from the iSchool is designed for students who want to prepare professionally to manage, design, support and optimize the infrastructure that supports the digital enterprise. EDS teaches both conventional and future network infrastructures, along with the devices, services, protocols, standards, and applications that are transforming the enterprise.

Growth and use of mobile, social media, sensors and big data has resulted in an Internet of Things (IoT) that connects billions of devices through networks throughout the world. This level of connectivity has created a demand for skilled professionals who understand cloud computing and have the ability to design, configure, and manage modern digital enterprise cloud environments.

Enterprise Data Systems at the iSchool is a unique program that provides a wide variety of opportunities in IT and data-centric organizations in sectors such as finance, consulting, health, and more.

Enterprise Data Systems Explained

Wondering whether graduate studies in Enterprise Data Systems will help you achieve your career goals? iSchool Professor Carlos Caicedo explains how the M.S. in EDS this program is like no other, and will prepare you to graduate into the networking world as a full-fledged professional.

What you will learn

The EDS curriculum is built around the core concepts and procedures required to understand the technical, security, policy, and management principles of current and future information network infrastructures and systems. Students can choose from focus areas that include cloud and virtualized information systems, and infrastructure and applications related to data science, enterprise IT infrastructure management, information security, and mobile services and applications.

Why Study EDS at the iSchool?

Challenges faced by industry in managing enterprise data have become complex and dynamic due to the growing volume of data produced and consumed, and the advent of new disruptive technologies. Solutions to these challenges require multi-disciplinary skills and an approach encompassing business, management, and technology.

Greg Raimann, Principal, EY
Greg Raimann

Cloud computing, and the revolution it is causing in the way information is shared, could be one of the most disruptive technology trends to impact business. This master's degree positions iSchool students on the leading-edge of this trend, with a next-generation, differentiated skillset that will be applicable for years to come.

Darren Orzechowski, Senior Director, Cloud Management, VMWare
Daren Orzechowski

The blend of technical skills and information management knowledge that our students will receive makes them ideal candidates for positions opening up in the growing number of companies seeking to manage or implement infrastructure to gather and obtain value from data.

Carlos Caicedo, Associate Professor and EDS Program Faculty Lead
Carlos Caicedo

Career Outlook

Employers are seeking people who not only have technical expertise but can communicate with the boardroom in everyday language. As an EDS graduate, you will be able to create systems that deliver data to key parts of any organization driven or reliant on data and IT infrastructure. You'll also understand what drives business, and be able to articulate your recommendations, solutions, and strategies to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.

This skillset is missing from the modern workforce and is in high demand. According to, starting salaries for those who can fill this need range from $75k to $125k.* In addition, many employers use the products that IBM and VMWare provide for our labs, so you will have hands-on experience with the exact technology you'll use as a full-fledged professional.

*According to listings for "Enterprise Cloud Computing"

Industry Collaborations

The iSchool has strong relationships with leading companies in the cloud computing, data analytics, and related technology industries. Representatives from our industry collaborators provide their time, talent, and business expertise along with access to modern software packages and hardware systems. This enables students in the EDS program to obtain hands-on experience and apply classroom learning to real-world scenarios in an environment found only at the iSchool.

Who's Hiring?
According to Forbes, Amazon, EMC, and VMWare have had the largest number of positions advertised for cloud computing professionals. Other employers who are hiring in this field include:
EDS Jobs
Cloud Infrastructure Architect
Cloud Support Engineer
IT Project Manager
Network Manager
System/Cloud Computing Architect
Systems Analyst

Certificates of Advanced Study

Certificates of Advanced Study (C.A.S.) give you the opportunity to specialize further in your graduate studies. You can incorporate C.A.S. classes into your Enterprise Data Systems curriculum, which means you can graduate with a certified and highly marketable skill set without taking extra classes.

How to Apply

We offer admissions for fall and spring semesters in theon-campusformat.
We do not currently offer this program in an online format.

Visit the Admissions page for information on application deadlines, tuition, and more.

The Checklist

Do you have everything you need to apply? Use our checklist to know that you’re ready to begin your application.

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The MS in Enterprise Data Systems is currently offered on-campus only.