Data at the heart of recovery.

Powerful data analysis is forming the foundation of understanding and combating COVID-19.

Data at the heart of recovery.2020-07-28T19:17:29+00:00

Adobe Internship Serves as Career Launchpad

Originally from Mumbai, India, Aishwarya Rai learned to network at the iSchool and landed an internship at Adobe headquarters in San Jose.

Adobe Internship Serves as Career Launchpad2020-07-22T18:09:12+00:00

Wrapping up #MyURBNSummer

Nancy Hart reflects on her summer internship in the Pacific Northwest at URBN

Wrapping up #MyURBNSummer2020-07-15T17:51:40+00:00

Launching into Information Security

Mysha Fairuz reflects on her internship experience with EY and offers her advice to other early-career specialists in information security

Launching into Information Security2020-07-16T15:14:30+00:00

Finding a Niche in Information Tech

Taylor Lucero reflects on his internship with Gensler and offers his advice on planning for postgraduate life

Finding a Niche in Information Tech2020-07-17T15:24:32+00:00

Reflecting on my Italian Summer

Lexah Pyskadlo revisits her summer in Florence with Essére Atelier and how it impacted her career planning

Reflecting on my Italian Summer2020-07-16T14:57:16+00:00

Developing Software Engineering Skills

Nancy Hart recounts the software engineering skills she picked up during her internship with URBN

Developing Software Engineering Skills2020-07-16T15:01:17+00:00
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