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Fast Track at the iSchool

The iSchool offers all of our master’s degree programs in a Fast Track format. Fast Track is a way to accelerate your path to a master’s degree.

Unlike other schools with accelerated programs, you can enter the workforce after completing your undergraduate degree and finish your graduate program online.

What is Fast Track?

When you want to study a program in the Fast Track format, that means you begin taking graduate-level classes 1 year before you plan to graduate from your undergraduate program.

Once you receive your undergraduate degree, you then go on to become an iSchool graduate student. You have the flexibility to finish your degree either on-campus or online.

On-campus graduate students are eligible to apply for merit-based graduate scholarships at the iSchool.

How Fast Track Works

To start on Fast Track, apply to the graduate program of your choice using the online graduate program application. Once you are accepted into your program, you can begin to plan your classes with your advisor.

No matter when you begin taking classes for a Fast Track program, there are two parts to Fast Track:

Take up to 9 graduate credits in the last year of your undergraduate program to jump-start your graduate studies.
Graduate Studies
Complete your graduate studies. Study full-time to complete the program one semester early. If you get a job offer, the iSchool offers options to complete your degree part-time or online.

Benefits of Fast Track

Fast Track saves time.

By starting your master’s degree while still in your undergraduate studies and following the Fast Track plan, you can have as many as 9 graduate credits by the time your undergraduate degree is conferred.

Fast Track saves money.

For Syracuse University students, the graduate credits you take during your final year of undergraduate studies are taken at no additional cost to you. There are even further financial benefits for students who majored in Information Management and Technology at the iSchool.

Fast Track for Syracuse University Students

If you're a current Syracuse University student, all iSchool master's programs* are available to take in the Fast Track format. Select your program of choice to learn more. The M.S. in Library and Information Science program includes the option to specialize in School Media.
*M.S. in Enterprise Data Systems is offered as a Fast Track program but it is not yet available in the online format.

Since current iSchool IM&T majors have a background in the information field, select introductory graduate courses in the Information Management program are waived for IM&T majors. Select the IM&T + M.S. in Information Management option to learn more.

Fast Track for Le Moyne Students

The iSchool has created Fast Track pathways for Le Moyne College students interested in the information and library science fields. 

Le Moyne College students have the option to pursue the M.S. in Information Management or the M.S. in Library and Information Science (with or without a School Media specialization) at the iSchool.

M.S. in Information Management: Le Moyne College students graduating with a computer science or information systems degree are awarded a waiver of six credit hours and are only required to complete 36 credit hours.

To learn more about Le Moyne College and iSchool Fast Track, please contact us at or fill out the Learn More form below.

How to Apply

Fast Track students must apply to their program of choice at least 1 year prior to their anticipated graduation date.

Visit the Admissions page for information on application deadlines, tuition, and more.


Fast Track applicants must be junior standing and are recommended to have a GPA of 3.3 or higher. 

contact us

Use the contact form to get in touch with the iSchool's Graduate Recruitment Team and start the Fast Track process.