Faculty and doctoral students from Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies are sharing new research and recent projects at prestigious conferences in October 2023. The annual conference for ALISE: The Association for Library and Information Science Education will take place October 2-5 in Milwaukee,WI and the annual conference for ASIS&T: The Association for Information Science and Technology is being held October 27-31 in London, UK. The Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) Conference is October 18-21 in Philadelphia, the ACM CSCW Conference is October 14-18 in Minneapolis, and the IEEE Military Communications Conference (MILCOM) is October 30 – November 3 in Boston. Our experts will speak and present on a range of topics. See below for a full list. Syracuse University iSchool faculty and students are represented in bold text.


Excellence in Teaching: Early Career Award
Beth Patin

ALISE/Norman Horrocks Leadership Award
LaVerne Gray

Flashing the Hazard Lights: Interrogating Discourses of Disruptive Algorithmic Technologies in LIS Education. Best Conference Paper Award.
Tyler Youngman
, Sarah Appedu, Jasmina Tacheva, Beth Patin

Pathways to Librarianship: Year One in Review
Tay Roylance
, Desiree Scretching, Rachel Ivy Clarke, Tim Furgal

Bridging Qualitative Methods Research and Practice in Information Studies Education
Sarah Appedu
, Sebastian Modrow, Ingrid Erickson

Countering Systemic Racism through Antiracist Theory and Practice
Dr. Lucy Santos Green, Kimberly Black, Bharat Mehra, Nicole Cooke, LaVerne Gray, Mónica Colón-Aguirre, Anders Tobiason, Jennifer Elisa Chapman, Shalonda Capers, Baheya Jaber

History for Impact
Joseph Winberry, Beth Patin, Nicole Cooke, LaVerne Gray, Toni Samek, Brenda White, José Aguinaga

Power and Controversy: A Study of Material Challenges in the U.S. Public Libraries
Jieun Yeon

Bringing Critical Disability Studies to Library & Information Studies Pedagogy and Practice: A Dissertation Proposal
William Myhill

Body Utilization, Body Grief
Leah Dudak

Investigating Community Engagement: Social Work in Libraries Ethnographic Research
Shannon Crooks


The Role of Theory in Information Science Scholarship
Dania Bilal, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA; Heidi Julien, University at Buffalo, USA; Diane Sonnenwald, University College Dublin, Ireland; Patrick Ngulube, University of South Africa, South Africa; Steve Sawyer, Syracuse University, USA; June Abbas, University of Oklahoma, USA

Social Informatics Perspectives on Emerging Technologies: The Way Forward (SIG-SI)
Noriko Hara, Pnina Fichman, Seung Woo Chae, and Howard Rosenbaum, Indiana University, USA; Shengnan Yang, Western University, Canada; Eric Meyer, The University of Texas at Austin, USA; Steve Sawyer, Syracuse University, USA; Xiaohua Awa Zhu, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, USA

Strategies for Conducting Critical Research in Information Science by Designing Social Justice Research Informed by Intersectionality
Renate Chancellor and LaVerne Gray, Syracuse University, USA; Robin Brewer and Megan Threats, University of Michigan, USA; Charles Senteio, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, USA

Challenging Book Challenges: Understanding the Background, Examining “Astroturfing” as a Current Political Strategy, and Finding Ways Forward
Deborah Charbonneau, Wayne State University, USA; Suliman Hawamdeh, University of North Texas, USA; Shannon Oltmann, University of Kentucky, USA; Joseph Winberry, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, USA; Jieun Yeon, Syracuse University, USA; Andrew Zalot, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Publishing at ASIS&T: Ask the Editors of JASIST, ARIST, and Information Matters
Steven SawyerSyracuse University, USALisa GivenRMIT University, Australia , Chirag Shah, University of Washington, USA

How Does TikTok Contribute to Collective Sensemaking? A Case Study on Multi-Modal Crisis Discourse
Christy Khoury
, Alexander Smith, Una Joh, Yiran Duan, and Jeff Hemsley, Syracuse University, USA

Hyper-Local Fear of Crime: Identifying Linguistic Cues of Fear in Crime Talk on Reddit
Qunfang Wu, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA; Jeff Hemsley, Syracuse University, USA

Theorizing Cultural Heritage Informatics as the Intersection of Heritage, Memory, and Information (2nd place best short paper award)
Sebastian Modrow
 and Tyler Youngman, Syracuse University, USA

A FAIR Data Ecosystem for Science of Science
Jian Qin
, Jeff Hemsley, Alexander Smith, and Qiaoyi Liu, Syracuse University, USA; Sarah Bratt, University of Arizona, USA

Comparing Crisis Communication on TikTok and YouTube: A Case Study of the 2023 California Floods
Yiran Duan, Christy Khoury, Alexander Smith, Una Joh, , and Jeff Hemsley, Syracuse University, USA

High performers emerged from data-to-knowledge pathways. Presentation at the SIG-Metrics and SIG/STI Workshop
Jian Qin, Jeff Hemsley, Alexander Smith, and Qiaoyi Liu, Syracuse University, USA; Sarah Bratt, University of Arizona, USA


Revisiting Key Concepts in Digital Media Research: Influence, Populism, Partisanship, Polarisation
Axel Bruns1, Anja Bechmann2, Marina Charquero-Ballester2, Jessica G. Walter2Jennifer Stromer-Galley3, Brian McKernan3, Fabio Giglietto4, Nicola Righetti5, Anna Stanziano4, Tariq Choucair1, Katharina Esau1, Sebastian Svegaard1, Samantha Vilkins1

1: Digital Media Research Centre, Queensland University of Technology, Australia; 2: Datalab – Center for Digital Social Research, Aarhus University, Denmark; 3: Syracuse University, USA; 4: University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”, Italy; 5: Department of Communication, University of Vienna, Austria

Collective Sensemaking and Intersemiotic Dissonance: A Study of Crisis Discourse on TikTok
Christy Khoury, Jeff Hemsley

“This Tweet is Unavilable”: #blacklivesmatter Tweets Decay
Yiran Duan, Jeff Hemsley, Alexander O. Smith

Challenging AI Empire: Data Resurgence as Revolutionary Tactics for the Digital Age
Jasmina Tacheva, Srividya Ramasubramanian

Powerful Futures: How a Big Tech Company Envisions Humans and Technologies in the Workplace of the Future (Full paper)
EunJeong Cheon (Syracuse University, USA)
Online Freelancing on Digital Labor Platforms: A Scoping Review (Poster)
Pyeonghwa Kim, EunJeong Cheon, and Steve Sawyer  (Syracuse University, USA)
IEEE Military Communications Conference (MILCOM)

Enabling dynamic spectrum access, spectrum sharing, and Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO): The IEEE 1900.5.2 Standard for Modeling Spectrum Consumption
Carlos Enrique Caicedo Bastidas,
John Stine, Department Manager, Operations Research