Yiran Duan

Ph.D. Student

Yiran Duan is a 1st year Ph.D. student of Information Science and Technology at Syracuse University’s iSchool. She received her M.A. degree in Anthropology with a concentration on cultural anthropology from Florida State University in 2018. During her master’s program, she worked as both a teaching assistant and a research assistant. She worked at the Department of Florida for one year before pursuing a doctoral degree at Syracuse University.


Yiran’s current research interests are at the intersection of social media studies, information policy, and the use of documents in online discuss spaces. At the moment, she is especially interested in exploring the phenomenon of the reporting tools/flagging mechanism that widely exist on social media platforms.


Although being ambidextrous, Yiran prefers to use her left hand to play tennis and badminton, which seems to make it is easier for her to win a game in general. She fills her free time with swimming, reading, and traveling.