Christy J. Khoury

Ph.D. Student
Christy Khoury

Christy’s research interests are largely around the intersection of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Diaspora Studies. Primarily focused on the Lebanese diaspora and the transnational individuals of the greater Middle East, Christy aims to understand diasporic information behaviors on prominent communication platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram. She specifically looks to understand diaspora mobilization after a crisis event to better understand the pertinent role diaspora communities play in crisis response. Her research endeavors are rooted in a transnational, information ethics lens which also mirrors her pedagogical perspectives. Before her Ph.D., Christy obtained her BBA from the University of Washington, Seattle and her MSIM from the Syracuse University iSchool. She additionally has industry experience working as a risk and management consultant for KPMG.To learn more about research, teaching, or general Ph.D. endeavors, check out her personal website: To chat, please email at or connect via LinkedIn.