Faculty and doctoral students from Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies are shared new research and recent projects at two prestigious conferences in October 2022. The annual conference for ALISE: The Association for Library and Information Science Education took place October 24-26  and the annual conference for ASIS&T: The Association for Information Science and Technology took October 28-Nov. 1, both in Pittsburgh, PA. Our experts are spoke and presented on a range of topics. See below for a full list. Syracuse University iSchool faculty and students are represented in bold text.


From “Mesearch” to “Wesearch”:  The Role of Community in Developing  Identity-Centric Research
​​​​Joseph Winberry and Laverne Gray

The Half Has Never Been Told: Showing & Telling Historical Objects for Teaching LIS History and Archives
Laverne Gray, Aisha Johnson, Joseph Winberry and Beth Patin

The Sankofa Intervention: Combatting the Epistemicide of Parasitic Omission Through Civil Rights Literacy in Community Information Contexts
Beth Patin and Tyler Youngman


Metadata Analytics Crash Course and Collaboration Capacity Hackathon
Jeff Hemsley, Jian Qin, Sarah Bratt, Alexander Smith

Platform as Theoretical Framework Rather Than Just Empirical Context: How Information Science Scholars Examine Digital Platforms
Mei Zhang and Steven Sawyer, Kyle Jones, Anna Zaitsev

Entification of Metadata for Knowledge-Graph-Guided Discovery
Brendan Honick, Katherine Polley, Jian Qin

Disrupting Design: A Multi-Level Technological Transition Study of Dribbble.com
Yiran Duan, Jeff Hemsley, and Rebecca Kelly

Collaboration Networks and Career Trajectories: What Do Metadata from Data Repositories Tell Us?
Jeff Hemsley, Jian Qin, Sarah Bratt, and Alexander Smith

Virtual Vessels of Empowerment: Exploring Everyday Resilience Building Tactics in Online Forums Focused on Nurturing Professional Development of Women in Technical Domains.
Subhasree Sengupta

Epistemicide on the Record: Theorizing Commemorative Injustice and Reimagining Interdisciplinary Discourses in Cultural Information Studies
Tyler Youngman, Sebastian Modrow, Melissa Smith, and Beth Patin

A Preliminary Analysis between Available and Shared Resources for the Lebanese Job Crisis
Christy Khoury

Persuasion in Audio-based Social Media: A Clubhouse Interview Study
Lu Xiao, Yueyue Wang, and Xinyi Wei

United for Justice? A Critical Review of Social Justice Research in Information Science and Technology
Jasmina Tacheva and Sepideh Namvarrad

Visual Semantics of Memes: (Re)Interpreting Memetic Content and Form for Information Studies
Alexander Smith, Jasmina Tacheva, and Jeff Hemsley

Who Talked About What Regarding Derek Chauvin’s Trial? A Work-in-Progress Analysis
Yiran Duan, Jeff Hemsley, Alexander Smith, LaVerne Gray, and Dhwani Gandhi