Mei Zhang

Postdoctoral Scholar
209 Hinds Hall
Mei Zhang

My research explores the interaction between technology and information professionals in the library e-resource market at the organizational and industrial levels. Methodologically, my work takes an empirical approach, mainly through interviews and qualitative content analysis, to capture and analyze how technologies have changed the librarians’ and publishers’ perceptions of library e-resource market, and then to trace the impact of librarians’ and publishers’ perceptions on their actual practices when interacting with other stakeholders in the market.

Selected Publications
  • (forthcoming) Zhang, M. (2022). University press selection of e-book vendors for US academic libraries: Why work with X but not Y?. Learned Publishing. doi:10.1002/leap.1447
  • Zhang, M., & Wei, X. (2021). What can “marriage announcements” tell us? A content analysis of news articles on library-press collaboration. College and Research Libraries. 82 (7).
  • Zhang, M. (2020). Rational actions or institutional actions: A study on the rationality in academic librarians’ decision-making processes when purchasing e-book products. Library and Information Science Research. 42 (2).
  • PI: Mei Zhang, Syracuse University Collaboration for Unprecedented Success and Excellence (CUSE)- Seed Grant: E-book dissemination strategies of university presses in the U.S. , 6/1/2020- 5/31/2022


My pedagogical strategies are dedicated to helping students understand the perspectives of multiple stakeholders in the digital age, and providing them the hands-on knowledge on information management and use, both of which are essential to better prepare them as future information professionals. I have taught courses in the following areas:

  • Natural Language Process
  • Database Design/ Management
  • Introductory Analytics for Decision- Making
  • Metadata Standards and XML
  • Research Methods
  • Collection Management
  • E-resource Management and Licensing

Hiking, cooking, ballet, jogging