iSchool faculty are leading conversations in the information field across the globe. They’re invited to keynote and lecture on library science, data analytics, and cybersecurity. Attending conferences, organizing workshops, and speaking on panels. See where our faculty have been active this fall:

Daniel Acuña was invited to present “Promoting Responsible Research Data Access” at the Future of Privacy Forum salon dinner series.

Sarah Bratt, Jian Qin, and Jeff Hemsley presented “Analyzing Data Collaborations as the ‘Missing Link’ in Scientific Collaboration Indicators Using Metadata Analytics” and “Evaluating the Impact of Collaboration Enablers Through Metadata Analytics” at METRICS 2021.

EunJeong Cheon co-organized several conference events:

Radhika Garg was invited to give talks at KAIST CIXD LAB and Penn State College of Communications and a featured talk at the ACM In-Cooperation 2021 Conversational User Interface Conference.

Radhika Garg co-organized two workshops at CSCW 2021:

Radhika Garg was appointed as a track chair for Virtual assistants and personalized human-robot interaction track at the 30th Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization (UMAP).

Yiqi Li presented her talk “Interorganizational Twitter Communication Networks in Tough Times: The Ecology and Multiplex Network Evolution During COVID-19″ as part of the Autonomous Systems Policy Institute (ASPI) Faculty Speaker Series at the Syracuse University Maxwell School of Citizenship & Public Affairs.

Lee McKnight was invited to present “Food Security in Extreme Environments and Food Deserts” at the NSF Convergence Accelerator Workshop.

Lee McKnight gave a keynote presentation, “Trusted Ethical AI by Design: Certified; or Not,” at the North East Annual Cybersecurity Summit – Artificial Intelligence (NEACS AI) ’21.

Lee McKnight participated in a panel, “Advancing Local Governments and Regions Cybersecurity at Scale,” at Cybertrust America’s ‘Digital Safety Net Secured’ Symposium.

Lee McKnight gave a workshop, “Engineering Cloud to Edge Privacy and Security vs Whac-a-Mole™ Insecurity By Sloppy Silicon Valley Design” at the Electrical Engineering Workshop, Syracuse University College of Engineering and Computer Science.

Lee McKnight gave a workshop, “Deployment of a mobile, green, and sustainable system to decrease the digital divide among underserved school children,” at the IEEE’s ‘Connecting the Unconnected Global Challenge’ Semi-Finals.

Megan Oakleaf presented at the following events: 

Megan Oakleaf also gave a keynote presentation, “Learning analytics and libraries: Decisions on the horizon for library leaders,” at the Texas Council of Academic Libraries Annual Conference.

The following faculty presented at the 2021 Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE) Virtual Annual Conference:

  • Megan Oakleaf and LaVerne Gray presented “There’s a standard for that: Aligning academic aspirations, professional standards, and ALA accreditation”
  • Beth Patin presented “Storytelling and/as Resilience” and “Equity and Social Justice SIG Program: Still Struggling to Breathe: Another Conversation on Libraries and Communities in Crisis”

Beth Patin gave her lecture “Working towards Justice in Information Studies” at Syracuse University.

Beth Patin gave her lecture “An American School Story: Desegregating Huntsville” at Colgate University.

Beth Patin presented “Interrupting epistemicide: A practical framework for naming, identifying, and ending epistemic injustice in the information professions” at the ASIS&T SIG-IEP and Social Informatics Workshop.

Steve Sawyer participated in a panel, “Best Practices on publishing in IS Journals,” at the 4th Mediterranean and North African Conference for Information Systems (MENACIS) 2021.

Steve Sawyer participated in a panel, “Academic Publishing in the Future: What’s Next?” at the Association for Information Science and Technology Annual Meeting.

Jennifer Stromer-Galley presented “Facebook, Disinformation, and the Digital Pollution of Presidential Politics” at the Strathmore Speakers Series hosted by the Onondaga County Libraries.