Radhika Garg

Assistant Professor
330 Hinds Hall
Phone: 315.443.5610
Radhika Garg

Dr. Garg earned her Ph.D. (2017) and M.S. (2013) in Computer Science from University of Zurich’s Department of Informatics in Switzerland. She was affiliated to Communications Systems Group under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller. Her research has been previously funded under the EU FP7 Program – FLAMINGO, Network of Excellence.


My research seeks to understand how users make decisions on whether to use or not use various forms of technology in different situations and the ways in which experience is shaped beyond specific circumstances of use.

During my Ph.D. I developed a trade-off-based decision methodology for adopting Cloud-based Services in organizations. Since then my research has shifted to evaluating technology (non-)use from socio-technical perspective to understand its complex relationship with the users and how individuals, groups, society and technology mutually influence each other. To examine this, my research integrates qualitative, quantitative, and computational analysis. My work draws and expands from various disciplines, such as Decision Sciences, Human Computer Interaction, Science and Technology Studies (STS), and Psychology.

I publish in HCI/Ubicomp conferences and journals such as CHI, UbiComp (IMWUT), and INTERACT.

Few specific research questions that I am currently exploring are:

  • How do users take decisions of using or not-using a technology to various degrees and in different forms, and how do these justification vary amongst different categories of users (differentiated by socioeconomic status, age, education, or development status of country of residence)? [Related publications: PDF1, PDF2PDF3]
  • How children interact with voice-controlled devices, and the influence such interactions have on children’s behavior and learning practices [Related publications: PDF1Blog PostPDF2]
  • Due to the increased adoption of Information Technologies, automation, and Artificial Intelligence in workplace, how are the decisions of unemployed workers such as gaining new skills through training, finding a job outside of their area of expertise, or moving to self-employment being taken.
  • I am currently investigated how unemployment workers build resilience and gain social support through online platforms such as Reddit.
  • I am also studying how formerly incarcerated citizen navigate changing landscape of work upon their reentry.

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Currently I am teaching Cloud Management and Intro to Cloud Technology wherein I address the relevant concerns of the Cloud ecosystem from both technical and business theoretical perspectives


I am an avid book reader and a travel enthusiast. I love meeting people for having interesting social discussions. I practice meditation and mindfulness as a way of living.


Radhika Garg, Subhasree Sengupta, Conversational Technologies for In-home Learning: Using Co-Design to Understand Children’s and Parents’ Perspectives. To appear in CHI 2020. (PDFPresentation)

Radhika Garg, Subhasree Sengupta,  “He Is Just Like me”: A Study of the Long-Term Use of Smart Speakers by Parents and Children. To appear in ACM Interact. Mob. Wearable Ubiquitous Technol., Vol. 4, No. 1, 2020. (PDF)

Radhika Garg, Subhasree Sengupta, “When you can do it, why can’t I?”: Racial and Socioeconomic Differences in Family Technology Use and Non-Use Proc. ACM Human Computer Interaction, Vol. 3, No. CSCW, Article 63. Publication date: November 2019. (PDFBlog Post)

Radhika Garg, Christopher Morena: Understanding Motivators, Constraints, and Practices of Sharing Internet of Things, Proc. ACM Interact. Mob. Wearable Ubiquitous Technol., Vol. 3, No. 2, 2019. (PDF)

Radhika Garg: Using, Limiting, or Abandoning the Internet of Things – An Analysis of (Non-)Use Practices and Decisions. 17th IFIP TC.13 International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (INTERACT, 2019) [Received Best Paper Award]. (PDF)