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Build your real-world experience in Digital Transformation!

The iConsult Collaborative is a university-wide program to build experience for students through real-world client projects involving digital transformation. Student participants in iConsult form project teams representing needed specialty domains of the schools and colleges of the University. Each iConsult team works under the direction of faculty mentors and a student Project Manager who oversees the client relationship and the team’s deliverables. iConsult Project teams analyze, design, recommend, and apply known information tools and approaches to help clients integrate digital technology into their organizations.

The Background of the iConsult Collaborative

The iConsult experiential learning program was developed originally under a Kauffman Foundation entrepreneurship grant by iSchool faculty member David Dischiave in 2008. In the Fall of 2009, iConsult consisted of 7 local projects, engaging 9 students. The program was expanded in 2012 under the direction of iSchool faculty member Art Thomas, along with formal collaboration with the Project Management Institute local chapter in Syracuse. In that year 28 students consulted in 8 team-oriented projects in the community. By 2015, iConsult had grown to engage nearly 60 students working in teams for 14 client projects. During the 2018-19 academic year, the program engaged 80 students who gained about 10,000 hours of experience while working on more than 30 client projects.

Today’s iConsult Story

In 2018, iConsult was revised and expanded into a University-wide program in collaboration with both corporate and community engagement partners and sponsors. This gives the opportunity to involve students from multiple schools and colleges within the University in cross-functional teams.

The iConsult Collaborative, as it is now known, builds upon its long-term foundation to work on a broad range of projects leading toward the digital transformation of its clients in several business sectors.

The iSchool directs and manages the iConsult Collaborative on behalf of the University

The 2019-20 iConsult Collaborative


Art Thomas, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor of Practice School of Information Studies 

Faculty Advisors: 

Robert Campagna, PMP, Senior Adjunct Professor 
James Stewart, PMP, Senior Adjunct Professor
Stephen Wallace, Ph.D., Professor of Practice 

Staff Advisor:

Lauren McPhillips, Program Manager, School of Information Studies

Student Project Leaders:

Aditi Agrawal
Preksha Bhushan Kumar Agrawal
Idhanta Kakkar
Joshua Andrew Konowitz
Shuying Zhao

Corporate Relations:

Sarah Weber, Director, Employer Relations, School of Information Studies
Gary Girzadas, Executive Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations, Syracuse University

Information Technology, School of Information Studies:

James Powell, Instructional Technology Analyst
Nick Lyga, Manager, Internal Systems Development Student Team

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