Career Services & Experiential Learning Staff

We’re available throughout your time at the iSchool, and beyond. Get in touch any time, and we’ll work with you to help you reach your goals.

Arthur Thomas

Art Thomas

Associate Dean for Career Services and Experiential Learning
110A Hinds Hall
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Art Thomas leads the Career Services and Experiential Learning staff to help iSchool students achieve success not just in their first job but across the arc of their career. Art is also a Professor of Practice at the iSchool.

Christopher Perrello

Christopher Perrello

Director of Career Services
114E Hinds Hall
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Christopher leads the Career Services team to educate students on networking best practices, develop and share career resources, and assist with the internship and job application and interview process. He is also available for one-on-one appointments via Handshake.

Jeffrey Fouts

Jeff Fouts

Assistant Director of Career Services
114D Hinds Hall
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Jeff supports all Career Services activities. He is passionate about helping iSchool students obtain internships and secure full time employment. Jeff has a focus on helping international students through the career search process, and is available for one-on-one appointments via Handshake.

Kathleen Benjamin

Kathy Benjamin

Career Services Program Coordinator
114 Hinds Hall
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Kathy coordinates all job and internship opportunities for iSchool students. She specializes in helping students register for internship credit, use Handshake, and navigate the CPT/OPT process. Kathy is available for one-on-one appointments via Handshake.

Sarah Weber

Sarah Weber

Director of Employer Relations
340 Hinds Hall
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Sarah is available to discuss and explore options to connect employers and corporate partners with the iSchool. Whether it’s through supporting research, recruiting through an online session or career fair, or engaging with student organizations.

Julie Walas

Julie Walas

Director of Student Engagement
343-G Hinds Hall
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Julie connects iSchool students with experiential learning opportunities, taking them outside the classroom and into the real world. She works with alumni and friends to coordinate compelling visits for the iSchool road trips and immersion experiences.

John Liddy

John Liddy

Adjunct Instructor for Immersion Experiences
239 Hinds Hall
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John is an adjunct professor at the iSchool a specializes in entrepreneurial classes. John develops the courses for the immersion experiences, IDS 440/660. The unique combination of the course and travel experience is critical to helping the students grow personally and professionally from their immersion.

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