Data Science Day

Data Science Day is an annual event that gives prospective and current students and faculty an opportunity to share research, learn from experts in the field, and hear about industry trends and career opportunities.

Each year, in the fall, the iSchool has what we call a “data science day” (DSD). DSD features presentations and panel discussions from full-time faculty, part-time adjunct faculty (who “do” data science for a living), and graduate students. All these talks and discussions focus on understanding and applying data science “in the real world”.

One goal of DSD is to show students, alumni, as well as prospective students, how data science is used in many varied situations. Data Science Day explores the many different ways that data science is and might be applied in society.

Data Science Day also provides a way for faculty, and graduate students who are researching data science, to share their emerging research insights.  In other words, the iSchool faculty does data science research across many different contexts, and this event provides an opportunity for the entire iSchool family, whether it’s current students, alumni, or even prospective students, to get an appreciation for the role of data science in our society.

Data Science Day always includes in-person and virtual attendance options

Past Presentations

Student Reflections