Career Outlook

Impact critical business decisions. Employ technology to improve processes. Help improve connections between people, communities, and society as a whole. Your career opportunities are endless.

Stacking the job search in your favor.

Our graduates get some of the best jobs that industry, non-profits, and government agencies have to offer. With excellent salaries, high employer demand, and high job satisfaction rates, careers in this field are highly desirable. In fact, Glassdoor ranked data science and information management jobs as the #1 recommended career track to pursue six years in a row.


Average starting salary of 2022 undergraduates

Our graduates earn higher salaries than all other schools and colleges at Syracuse University. With a combination of business, leadership, and technology skills, they go on to careers where their work has real impact.


2022 undergraduate placement rate, the highest of any school at Syracuse University

Our graduates are in-demand across industries, from healthcare to the tech sector, government, nonprofits, consulting firms and beyond. Whether you’re advancing in your career, or looking for your first job, we have the industry connections and expert knowledge to help you succeed.

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Where our graduates are now…

I have a job because of the iSchool. There is a blend between management and technology, giving students the option to pursue something more technical or management oriented.

—Akshit Salian '19, Data Analyst, SmartestEnergy

Outcomes by Program

Find the rate of employment and average salary from your program of interest.

2022 Placement Rate: 98%

2021 Placement Rate: 95%

2022 Average Salary: $79,744

2021 Average Salary: $72,648

2022 Placement Rate: 92%

2021 Placement Rate: 85%

2022 Average Salary: $106,242

2021 Average Salary: $84,609

2022 Average Placement Rate: 97%

2021 Average Placement Rate: 90%

2022 Average Salary: $82,375

2021 Average Salary: $81,913

2022 Average Placement Rate: 96%

2021 Average Placement Rate: 79%

2022 Average Salary: $59,671

2021 Average Salary: $63,340