Career Outlook

Can you envision starting your dream job right after graduation?

You can if you’re an iSchool student!

Your degree from the iSchool will support a wide range of careers across many different workplace sectors, providing the opportunity to pursue your career goals in a variety of industries.

Our iSchool alumni work for almost every industry imaginable, including financial services, government, academic and public libraries, research and development, healthcare, nonprofits, insurance, consulting, media & entertainment, and entrepreneurial start-ups. They provide a wealth of resources and connections to help you get started.

The iSchool has a dedicated Employer Relations and Career Services team to help prepare you for careers in the information field and to connect you with internships and full-time employment opportunities.

The Employer Relations and Career Services team provides career counseling, services, and resources to help you determine your skills and interests, assist you through the job search process, prepare your resume, and get you ready for those all-important interviews.

Through our strong employer connections, the Employer Relations and Career Services team posts job opportunities for all students on a daily basis via iSchool Listservs and Orangelink.

Alumni Profiles

View our Alumni Profiles to see some of the exciting careers of our iSchool graduates. 

Career Services

See our Services for details on how our team helps support students in their career development.


Outcomes and Placement Data

The iSchool is proud of our students' post-graduation placement. Below are the summary reports for average placement data from our most recent graduate outlook analyses.

2016 Placement Reports

Released in Spring 2017

BS in Information Management and Technology Placement Report (PDF)

MS in Information Management Placement Report (PDF)

MS Library & Information Science Placement Report (PDF)

MS Library & Information Science with School Media specialization Placement Report (PDF)