WiTec: Worldwide Innovation Technology

WiTec is a space at the iSchool that allows students to collaborate with other universities and professional organizations on a variety of business and tech projects. It’s the place to be for any innovative iSchooler.

WiTec (Worldwide Innovation Technology) is an experiential learning organization that provides interested Syracuse University students with cutting edge opportunities to work on policy, standards, technology and business engagements. These often include collaboration with other universities (Ex. MIT and Columbia) and organizations (Ex. Google, VMWare, IBM, TM Forum), and federal, state and local government & international organizations (such as UN, OECD and EU).​

During the academic year WiTec members are presented with various ongoing and new projects to lead and/or collaborate on. Members assist each other on projects to ensure each member has the necessary support and resources to successfully manage their project. WiTec projects are not only resume builders, but also provide members with exclusive networking opportunities that can result in summer internships and employment.

WiTec membership is extended to all students who are committed to exploring innovative technologies in a collaborative entrepreneurial-focused environment. If you’re interested in joining WiTec, contact a member of the Student e-Board.

Student e-Board

President, Sai Krishna Bolla

Vice President, Lahari Chowtoori

Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Sampada Regmi