Information Security Club (Infosec)

For students interested in digital privacy and the methods used to maintain it, the Information Security Club offers a hands-on learning environment and a way to raise awareness about cybersecurity.

The mission of the Information Security Club is to practice managing the inherent challenges in protecting and defending corporate network infrastructure, and to learn response and mitigation techniques against both well-known and zero day cyber attacks.

Information Security Club further strives to understand both the business and technology implications of information security on organizations, and to advance careers in technology and information security.

For further information, contact one of the Student e-Board Members below.

Student e-Board

President: Anthony Mazzacane

Vice President: Erin Makarova

Chief Tech Officer: Allison Arias

Secretary: Cameron Litton

Webmaster: Marlene Takou-Ayaoh

Public Relations: Lauren Gracias

Tech Officer: Chelsea Tagne


Staff Advisor – Roger Merrill

Faculty Advisor – Bahram Attaie