We’re asking iSchool students: what is the iSchool? Learn how Kristen, Warren, and Emily answered that question and learn the different ways they discovered the iSchool.

iSchool student Kristen Baumer

iSchool student Kristen Baumer

Kristen Baumer ’20

Kristen transferred into the iSchool. She is a sophomore majoring in BS in Information Management and Technology.

What was your major and school before coming here?

Marketing at Central Connecticut State University.

What was your motivation for coming here? When did you make that decision?

I’m from Rochester, NY, so when I knew when transferring I was looking to be closer to be home but also at a school I loved. My dad and aunt went to Syracuse, so I grew up going to basketball games in the Dome. I always loved Syracuse but never thought about going here in high school because I wanted to be on a lacrosse team in college.

Did you know what the iSchool was before you came here?

I never heard of the iSchool until looking at Syracuse’s website. Since I was in marketing at my previous school, I was looking at Whitman and saw the dual program and became very interested in the iSchool. After looking into IM&T, I had a general idea of what the iSchool was about, but I had no idea how tight knit the community was and the amount of opportunities within the iSchool!

If you could describe the iSchool to someone who doesn’t know anything about it, what would you say?

It’s one major. IM&T brings together information technologies and humans. Within the degree you can choose from six different concentrations to specialize your skills, like web design or database management. The iSchool offers incredible services and opportunities to expand your network and that truly helps students with their future plans.

What do you hope to do the with education that the iSchool has given you?

This is only my second semester in the iSchool, so I am learning new possible career paths every single day. The opportunities are endless with this degree and with this school. I hope that by senior year, I am focused on exactly what kind of career I am looking for. I hope that after graduation I am working somewhere I love and am passionate about my job, and also an alumni visit for the iSchool’s awesome Road Trips.

iSchool student Warren Johnson

iSchool student Warren Johnson

Warren Johnson ’20

Warren is a dual major with Whitman and the iSchool.

Did you always want to be a dual? What helped you make that decision?

I didn’t always want to be a dual and I wasn’t originally enrolled as a dual either. When I applied spring semester of my freshman year I tried to become a dual. I wanted to be a part of the growing technology industry and I thought being a dual with Whitman would be helpful because as the technology field advances it becomes more influential in other aspects, including the business world.

Do you think the iSchool has helped your other major in any way?

The iSchool has given me insight into some of the already present influence information management has in the functionality of a firm and what firms can achieve in the future.

If you could describe the iSchool to someone who doesn’t know anything about it, what would you say?

I would say the iSchool allows you to explore the Information Technology field and find where in that field your interests are and what opportunities there are available to you. Your interests and passions help guide you where information technology can take you.

How do you hope the combination of your dual major will help you in your future?

I hope that the skills I acquire from both majors will assist one another both technically and conceptually as I enter the workplace. I believe that the working world, mostly businesses, can benefit from information technologies – and vice versa.

iSchool student Emily Harrington

iSchool student Emily Harrington

Emily Harrington ’21

Emily is currently a freshman studying Information Management & Technology.

What college/major was your first decision? Were you hoping for that or were you mostly undecided?

Newhouse/Whitman dual, PR and Marketing. I was hoping to get into the dual program.

What did you think the iSchool was when you were accepted?

I had no clue what the iSchool was, once accepted I looked it up and realized it was information studies and did not know what that was … so I Googled it!

What aspects of the iSchool do you think needs more appreciation that some people may not know of?

The iSchool is such a great program. You’re not a number just a number or some student sitting in a giant lecture hall. The faculty know your name and want to get to know you. The statistics of success are great with our graduation to job rate and go unheard of as well.

If you could describe the iSchool to someone who doesn’t know anything about it, what would you say?

I would tell them that the iSchool is the School of Information Studies. The concentrations allow students to create there own path whether that be web design or database analytics. It is a small program at Syracuse University, but has one of the best job placement rates on campus at 96% as well as a starting salary average around 65k.

The faculty inside are just as great, and Hinds Hall 114 (Editor’s note: the office for the iSchool’s Student Services team!) is a great benefit to have as well. Any problems with classes or careers can be helped or solved in there. There are many workshops held by them as well to ensure a successful path. The opportunities that arise are great as well, like Road Trips and guest speakers.