Laura Nisivoccia

Laura Nisivoccia ’94 – Connected at LinkedIn

LinkedIn is THE place for professional networking on the Internet.  The iSchool was lucky enough to have LinkedIn’s IT Support Manager, Laura Nisivoccia come and visit as part of the HINDSights Alumni Visitor Series. Nisivoccia is a 1994 graduate of Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management with a B.S. in Management Information Systems and Services. Starting from … Continued

Prasanna Kulkarni

Prasanna Kulkarni G’16: Web analytics and data at Blizzard

I recently caught up with Prasanna Kulkarni, analytics connoisseur and 2016 alumnus of the MS in Information Management program who’s making the most of his post-grad life in sunny southern California. Prasanna was happy to reflect on his iSchool experience and offer insight for curious students looking to follow a similar career path as himself. … Continued

Sean Keeley

Sean Keeley ’00 – A Career in Blogging

Do you bleed orange? Are you more likely to be found on the Syracuse sidelines cheering than anywhere else on campus? Even if you’re not an SU sports superfan, you’ve probably heard of “Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician,” the blog covering all things Syracuse sports related. The creator of the blog, Syracuse alum Sean … Continued

Jordan Goldberg

Jordan Goldberg ’02: The IT Behind Entertainment

Disney. ESPN. Two of the most well known names in the entertainment industry. Companies as far reaching and influential as these cannot help but be on the forefront of the latest technological innovations so that they can continue delivering the best entertainment to millions of fans around the world. Jordan Goldberg graduated from the iSchool … Continued

Sam Edelstein and Mayor Miner

The City of Syracuse is Looking for Students to Build Great Things

Under Mayor Stephanie Miner’s leadership, the City of Syracuse has been working to improve its infrastructure (think roads and water pipes) in the last several years. The City created an Office of Innovation that for the past year focused on finding ways to use new technologies and data analysis methods to make those improvements. Now, … Continued

Sam Edelstein

IM Student Brings Data Science to City Hall

In 2011, former three-term mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, launched a $20+M initiative through Bloomberg Philanthropies whose goal was to give cities the financial capability to spark, attract, and cultivate innovation. Syracuse, NY became one of those cities in the fall of 2014. The awarding of this Bloomberg Grant to Syracuse entailed the use … Continued

Information Governance Basics with iSchool Alumna Ilona Koti

Information Governance Basics with iSchool Alumna Ilona Koti

iSchool alumna Ilona Koti is hosting a webinar with us on May 4. Before she gives her webinar, Ilona answered some questions for iSchool Graduate Recruitment Manager Erin Bartolo in order to help people better understand her area of expertise, information governance. Ilona is currently a Principal Consultant in Information Governance & Risk Management at ARK-IGC Information Governance Consulting. What … Continued

Menotti Minutillo

From Goldman to Uber – An Alumni Journey

In the past few years, the term “disruptive technology” has become something used to signify a change in how things have been done. It symbolizes a new state of mind, a vision of millennials forging into the future, into uncharted territories, while exploring outside of the confines of past practices and into an area of … Continued

Mark Squire's latest venture allows talented bakers to showcase their foods.

Alum’s New Venture Like an Etsy for Food

Last fall, our annual MLB Challenge (read about it here if you couldn’t participate!) turned the iSchool into much more than the four walls we’re all used to ­–  for the night, it became a think tank, a competitive arena, a 24-hr collaborative space, and most importantly, a canvas for untapped creativity. On top of … Continued