The iSchool conferred a total 742 individual degrees and certificates of advanced study to students across all of its curriculums in two convocation ceremonies on Saturday. That number included 250 undergraduate degrees, 258 graduate degrees, and 234 certificates of advanced study.

The following degrees and certificates were awarded:

Doctoral Degrees

5 students earned doctoral degrees (Ph.D.) in information science and technology

1 student earned a doctor of professional studies (D.P.S) degree in information management.

Masters Degrees

188 master of science degrees (M.S.) were awarded in information management

40 graduates earned the M.S. degree in library and information science

18 earned the library and information science degree with school media specialization.

3 students earned the M.S. in applied data science

2 students were awarded the M.S. degree in telecommunications and network management

1 student was awarded the M.S. in enterprise data systems.

Certificates of Advanced Study (CAS)

Of the total 222 graduate certificates conferred this year:

155 students received certificates for their studies in data science

52 students received certificates in information security management

12 students received the CAS in cultural heritage preservation

6 students received a CAS in School Media

4 were awarded the CAS in information systems and telecommunications management

4 students received the CAS in Global Enterprise Technology

1 earned the CAS in digital libraries.

Undergraduate Degrees

250 students earned bachelor of science degrees in information management and technology.

Congratulations to all 2018 iSchool graduates!

Photos from the day are available on the iSchool’s Facebook page: