Information Management Master’s Degree

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Set yourself apart as a tech-driven business leader.

The highest-paid, most in-demand business graduates are those with a strong background in technology.  And since the iSchool is first and foremost an interdisciplinary, tech-focused school, you’ll have access to an unparalleled depth of expertise here as a student.

Our MS in Information Management combines the business education you’d find in an MBA with a significant focus on technology in order to equip you with an approach to information systems that benefits people and organizations alike.  That includes fifteen focus areas applicable to students from any academic or professional background.

As an Information Management student, you’ll learn how to collaborate and communicate as a business leader, design and analyze solutions to tech-driven problems, and improve how businesses operate through innovative uses of technology — all from professors who are experts in the field.

Our IM degree program is 42 credits and is typically completed within 2 years. The curriculum combines core classes with electives to give you a strong foundation along with the freedom to pursue the courses that interest you.

The 42 credits are distributed as follows:

  • Primary Core – 9 credits
  • Secondary Core – 12 credits
    • Management Strategies and Users Track – 6 credits
    • Technological Infrastructure Track – 6 credits
  • Electives – 12 to 18 credits
    • Can be used toward a C.A.S. in Data Science, a C.A.S. in Information Security Management, a Focus Area, or however you wish.
  • Graduate Immersion Milestone Event – non-credit, required
    • This 2-to-3 day residency workshop presents emerging topics in the information studies field. Students must complete one residency workshop during the duration of their program of study. You can find more information by visiting the iSchool Seminar page.
  • Exit Requirement – 3 to 9 credits
    • Capstone Course
    • Internship

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As an IM student, you will graduate with a diverse set of skills that enables you to participate at all levels of information technology management. You will build the following foundational competencies:

Management of Technology

Integrate technical and solution development concepts with the principles of management, strategy, and financial analysis; apply these concepts in the analysis of management case studies and problems; analyze, compare, evaluate, and clearly articulate the relative value of IT investment alternatives.

Management of Solution Development

Apply disciplines used in the development of information system solutions, to solve organizational and business problems.

Technical Knowledge

Apply information and computing technologies to solve information problems at the individual and organizational levels.

Environmental Context of IM

Explain how demographic, social, economic and ethical factors, as well as local, national and international information policy and regulation affect Information Technology solutions.

Professional Communications Skills

Develop and deliver professional communications in the field.

Leadership and Teamwork Development

Demonstrate leadership, ethics, and effective collaboration skills.

Information Literacy, Analysis, and Problem Solving

Find, organize, manage, evaluate, and use information resources critically and effectively for the solution of professional problems.

Our program’s focus areas are groups of classes that work together to give you an informal specialization. We offer focus areas in the subject areas below.

  • Database Management
  • Global Enterprise Technology
  • Government Regulation and Policy
  • Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
  • Information Security
  • IT Consultation
  • IT in Social Enterprises and Smaller/Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Mobile/Wireless Technology
  • Network Design and Administration
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Social Media, Technology, and Society
  • Structured Data Analytics and Visualization
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Textual Data Management and Analytics
research iconResearch

Explore information systems.

In addition to getting practical, on-the-job experience, you’ll have opportunities to join a research lab or collaborate with faculty on their academic work. Your focus on information systems will mean your skills will be in-demand on almost any iSchool research team.