Hinds Hall

Hinds Hall is the iSchool’s home on the quad. Inside, cutting-edge lab, classroom, and collaboration spaces are designed to support the open exchange of ideas and information.


The iSchool labs are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and dual monitor displays and feature the latest software and access to our advanced servers and databases.


The ICE Box

The ICE (Innovation, Collaboration, and Entrepreneurship) Box, located in Hinds Hall, is both a physical space for collaborating and hosting events, and a resource hub for supporting and connecting entrepreneurship opportunities both on and off campus. Designed to allow for the spontaneous expression of creativity, the ICE Box is place where students collaborate on innovative products and services, meet with faculty and industry professionals, and discuss the coursework.

Choose the space that works for your purposes.

You can reserve a classroom or collaboratory, review the technology and equipment available in each room, view room schedules and hours of availability, and more.