My name is Idhanta Kakkar. In 2018, after completing a dual degree course from NMIMS University in Mumbai, I decided to pursue further graduate studies in Information Management.

Idhanta Kakkar at the iSchool.

While making the decision of which college I would be pursuing my master’s in information management, there were three things I was looking at and the Syracuse University iSchool came out on top in all three categories.

Course Flexibility

Being able to tailor my interests to specific courses was my number one priority. The iSchool’s large variety of courses allows me to do this very easily. Everything is offered here, from core technologies like blockchain to specialization in data science.

I, personally, like to learn something about everything and that’s how I have chosen my courses currently. This semester I am enrolled in an intro course to Information Security that I find extremely interesting. Due to this reason, I am also planning to pursue a C.A.S. in Information Security Management. This can be done in conjunction with my graduate degree!

Co-curricular Learning Opportunities

Although classes and formal education teach many things, I am a firm believer in researching, exploring, and experimenting on my own to learn more. I am part of the NEXIS Student Technology lab, which focuses on learning new emerging technologies by working with them.

I’m part of a Blockchain-focused research group at NEXIS. Our end goal is to build a minimum viable product using the technology. I am also leading a research group that focuses on hands-on learning about different technologies. Some of these include mixed reality, drones, fin-tech, artificial intelligence, etc.

In addition to this, I am working as a Financial Analyst for the iConsult Collaborative at the iSchool. With iConsult, I use all my academic knowledge in the real world by working with actual industry clients who need us to give them top notch results. Think of iConsult as a small consulting firm within the iSchool led by professors and fellow students.

Jobs after graduation

Through all the exposure that I have gained so far I am currently evaluating between pursuing a career in digital technology consulting and computer networking. Both of these are extremely diverse fields and the iSchool’s Career Services have helped me shape my job applications accordingly.

Many different companies visit campus for information sessions. These sessions are very useful, as I got to meet people working in companies that I hope to work for someday. This also gave me an opportunity to build a strong network in the industry. It also helps a lot that the iSchool’s alumni network is extremely strong. The network is very helpful for fellow iSchool students looking to get started in the professional world.

Plus, I’m working as a Graduate Assistant for the Computer Networking course. I help the professor build and conduct labs to teach undergraduate students about basic networking technologies. Working as a GA has taught me a lot and has also provided me support with my tuition. All in all, I’m extremely delighted with my decision to pursue my master’s at the iSchool. I definitely look forward to the future.