When I finally knew that I was going to attend Syracuse University, I was filled with emotions ranging from excitement to pure fear. This is because when I first opened my acceptance letter, the name of my major was too long and complex for me to fully understand. “Information Management and Technology? What even is that?” I thought. I originally applied to S.I Newhouse School of public communications for Public Relations. When it came to IM&T, I didn’t know exactly what it was but little did I know that it would be a journey.

Enter: The iSchool

On my first day stepping foot into the iSchool, I had no idea what it had in store for me. I didn’t have any past experience with Information Technology, let alone did I have a passion for it.

However, during orientation week, I met freshmen who were in the exact place I was in. I didn’t feel so alone anymore. Moreover, I realized that many peer advisors at the iSchool also did not begin with an infatuation with technology, but their interest continuously increased. Some of them who didn’t get into Newhouse initially became a dual major in it with the iSchool, which a lot of people also do. 

Orientation usually lasts about a week at SU, but at the iSchool, it felt like a whole semester. There were always so many activities to be apart of and I was welcomed by everyone. Numerous companies would come to the iSchool to discuss future jobs and internships. Slowly, I started paying closer attention because I realized then that I had become really invested.

What I’ve learned so far

There are two main factors that go into IM&T: technical and managerial factors. My curriculum is filled with such useful classes that are handy and practical to know in the future. These include business classes like IST 335 where we learned how to manage our team projects like a real business. Also presentation classes like IST 444 and web design classes (which felt like a technical version of an art class), and so many more classes that can be useful in so many IT careers.

Today, I really like HTML/CSS thanks to my web design class and I gained a love for the management aspect of IM&T. In the iSchool, you have to decide on a concentration. It can be anything in the information technology field from web design to digital retail strategies to IT security. I chose to do my concentration in project management in hopes that I get a career in project management – thanks to the iSchool, that won’t be much of a problem.

I would highly suggest to everyone in or out of the iSchool to get to know your professors and have them know you. They have a lot of connections and can help you in your field later. I am thankful that developing relationships with professors are much easier.

Talk to someone about the iSchool!

For any iSchool student that feels lost and unsure about their major or their career – talk to someone in the iSchool. They care about where you go even after graduating; your final destination matters to them. It can be ok to not like it at first or be lost on what it really is. You might not realize it but a lot of people, including iSchool students, don’t know exactly what they want to do after college or what major they want.

The greatest part about studying IM&T is that you can combine it with anything. You’re in a major that welcomes creativity and using other things to help you move forward. 

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