U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence

This partnership with the U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence allows United States Army Cyber/Signal Center graduates to get a master’s degree at the iSchool.

The Partnership’s History

In 2009, the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University (iSchool) and the U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence (CoE) (Formerly Signal Center School of Information Technology – SIT) at Fort Gordon formally established an agreement to enable qualified United States Army Cyber/Signal Center graduates to complete master’s degrees at the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University.

In the agreement, the FA53 (Information Systems Managers) and the FA24 (Telecommunication Engineers) received transfer credit towards the M.S. in Information Management or the M.S. in Telecommunications and Network Management degrees.

There has been a steady stream of highly qualified officers entering the iSchool since this time, there is now an impressive number of Fort Gordon – Syracuse alumni guiding the security of our country, and we hold an abundance of Orange pride for this group.

Looking Forward

Technology is always advancing and so are the academic programs at both the Syracuse University iSchool and the Army Cyber CoE at Fort Gordon.

In Fall 2018, due to several changes in the academic programs at both Syracuse University and Fort Gordon, we entered a new phase of our partnership. The standard transfer credit policy for the iSchool graduate programs is to grant a maximum of 20% of the credit hours of a program in transfer credit.

Fort Gordon FA26B (former 53A) and FA26A (former 24A), the iSchool will award up to 30% transfer credit towards an iSchool graduate degree providing that learning outcomes are satisfactorily met.

Under this agreement extension, the iSchool will grant the following:

Credit Award
26 B (formerly 53A)

Information Systems Engineers

26 A (formerly 24A)

Network Systems Engineers

M.S. in Information Management (42 CH*) 12 CH

(30 CH Curriculum)

12 CH

(30 CH Curriculum)

M.S. in Information Management for Executive Status students (30 CH) 9 CH

(21 CH Curriculum)

9 CH

(21 CH Curriculum)

M.S. in Applied Data Science (36 CH) 3 CH

(30 CH Curriculum)

6 CH

(30 CH Curriculum)

*CH = credit hours

The iSchool also welcomes any veteran or active military personnel to submit formal training materials to be evaluated for potential credits toward their academic program. In accordance with University policy, students are required to complete both the military education and the Syracuse University program within seven years

Any military academic program manager is welcome to work with the School of Information Studies to have a program evaluated for transfer credit. We look forward to extending transfer credit offerings to all branches of the military and other Army units.

Please contact Vicky Williams, Director of Online Education at vawill02@syr.edu with any military credentialing and transfer credit questions.


Admissions information for our graduate programs can be found on our Admissions pages.

Some additional details regarding the military and veteran communities:

  • Admission application fees are waived for all veterans and active military.
  • Graduates of U.S. Army Cyber CoE FA26A and FA26B are considered to have completed a graduate program and therefore, are not required to take the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) for admission.
  • The School of Information Studies accepts students under the Advanced Civil Schooling program.
  • Syracuse University participates in the Yellow-Ribbon Program and has valuable resources for veterans, active military and military family members. Please visit the Office of Veteran

The knowledge and experiences of our students who have served our country are incredibly valuable in the classroom. Whether it is on the battlefield or the boardroom, information needs and issues are what drive learning and research at the iSchool. Our veteran and military community offer a wealth of experience and knowledge that enhance the whole university community and we are committed to providing both the service and the educational programs to advance your careers.

Please contact the recruiting and admissions staff at iGrad@syr.edu for guidance or assistance.