Junior Emily Dang, a dual major in Information Management and Technology at the School of Infirmation Studies (iSchool) and International Relations at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, is one of 16 students selected to participate in the 2016 Dulye Leadership Experience (DLE). The full scholarship, professional development program is designed for Syracuse University juniors and seniors to take the mystery and fear out of finding a job, starting a career and building a network.  

90% of DLE graduates successfully land jobs or internships within three months of completing the program. Since Syracuse University Alumna Linda Dulye ’77, president and founder of Warwick, NY-based consultancy Dulye & Co. started the program in 2008, over 100 SU students have participated. The program’s mission is to change lives — for the long run. 

After learning about the DLE program, which brings new perspectives the undergraduate was not exposed to before, Dang decided to apply. “The Dulye Leadership Experience is unique because for the first time in my life I will have a cohort of individuals who represent a wide range of expertise and experience in different fields,” Dang said. “Part of being successful is knowing how to work with different people. Throughout my college career, I have worked with fellow students, faculty and professors. I have also been able to work with peers in internships and customers from different jobs. The extensive network of the DLE will undeniably prepare me to work with people of different age groups and professions all across the globe.”  

Dang’s advice to applicants for next year’s DLE program is to “be yourself. ” That is the key to success in this program. She added, “the essays and interview for my application all reflect who I am as an individual, a life long learner who is optimistic about the future and hopes to learn from and give back to as many people as I can. ”

By participating in the program, Dang will learn about professional and personal development skills, including how to carve a successful career path, personal finance, integrating into a new company and how to communicate to co-workers and managers. The program will also offer her and other selected students an opportunity to learn valuable experience from DLE alumni.

As a lifelong learner with a passion for design and technology, during the second semester of her freshman year, Dang explored more options at Syracuse University. After spending many nights hanging out with some iSchool students, she fell in love with the iSchool. “I was amazed when I saw the ICE Box for the first time,” she said. “The furniture was so colorful and inviting and the space just seemed ideal for collaborating and sharing ideas. Students were always working on cool projects and bringing their ideas to life through technology. This is what I wanted. I have always been a creator and I knew that I could bridge my creative personality with international relations by joining the iSchool.”

Dang is also a member of the New Explorations in Information Science (NEXIS) lab at the iSchool, a group of innovative thinkers and creators who turn ideas into reality. Her goal is to use data visualization to help people better understand energy efficiency. She will also be working with a non-profit organization on campus called Thrive to measure solar energy levels in different locations in Nepal.

In the future, Dang hopes to enter the world of user experience design and consulting and help people improve their lives. As an iSchool student, she has been exposed to many disciplines of technology, including web design and database management systems. She added, “I believe the classes I have taken at the iSchool and the enrichment programs I have taken advantage of will prepare me for any job that I put my heart to.”