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The ICE Box

The ICE Box, located in Hinds Hall, is both a physical space for collaborating and hosting events, and a resource hub for supporting and connecting entrepreneurship opportunities both on and off campus.

The ICE Box (ICE stands for innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship) was built during the summer of 2013. The space has become a model for blending creative design and technology within a community environment.

Designed to allow for the spontaneous expression of creativity, the ICE Box is place where students collaborate on innovative products and services, meet with faculty and industry professionals, and discuss the nuances of their classes. The space was built with the new economy in mind, and an understanding that the best ideas flourish when conversations include diverse parties from multiple colleges.

Much like the startup ecosystems in Silicon Valley or Boston, the ICE Box immerses students into an environment where technology prevails and collaboration tools abound. Floor-to-ceiling whiteboards give students ample opportunity to map their businesses or solve those difficult programming problems. An HD projector and big screen TV means students are always able to hook up their computers for presentations, or use them for large-scale visualization projects.

Hosting events in the ICE Box

All events are welcomed and encouraged in the ICE Box’s communal space. Previously hosted events in the ICE Box space include networking events, webinars, study parties, and even celebration receptions.

There are also private offices and group meeting space which may be reserved for hosting industry experts, office hours, job interviews, or project meetings. 

Syracuse Entrepreneurship Communities

Looking to get started on your next world-changing business idea? Utilize the myriad resources available to you through the University and greater Syracuse community.

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