iSGO: iSchool
Graduate Organization

If you’re a graduate student at the iSchool, consider checking out iSGO to help your academic and professional career and to help connect you with other like-minded students!

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iSGO is the premiere organization for graduate students in the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University.

We support the academic, professional, and social experiences of students through peer advising and mentoring, and through professional and social programs.

During the academic year, we hold a number of events for students to participate in. These include movie nights, social gatherings for networking, recreational activities, and faculty engagement initiatives

Student e-Board

Co-President- Anjuman Alam

Co-President- Rohan Mahajan

Vice President- Srishti Sanghvi

Finance Chair- Shubham Malpani

Program Manager- Nupur Dhatrak 

Strategy Advisor- Shruti Kadam


Staff Advisor – Kathryn Allen