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Professional Online and Social Media Presence

Your Professional Online Presence

Developing a high-quality online presence showcases your work to prospective employers, helping them recognize your capabilities.

While Linkedin is a solid foundation for creating connections and building a professional online presence, consider social media, personal websites, and digital profiles as creative ways to establish a professional image online.

Helpful Articles

Platforms for your Professional Online Profile

Whether you are creating a resume, portfolio, or professional profile, you have to start someone. Some iSchool students could design your own profile from scratch, but if you want an easier job of it, browse these and other APIs for ideas to build your profile.

iSchool Student Examples

Social Media for Career Development


Often an unappreciated social media tool for professional development, social networking on Facebook is useful for exploring your career, gaining industry knowledge, and establishing professional channels of communication.


Twitter is a powerful career-building tool and can expose your skills and interests to the larger community. In fact, many employers use Twitter specifically to recruit.

Follow your favorite career websites and official company accounts (like @EY_CareersUS or @MicrosoftJobs) and follow aggregator accounts if you’re targeting a specific city or industry (such as @insidehighered,@CloudCareers, @idealistJobsDC).

Follow the handles and hashtags associated with SU and the iSchool:

  • @iCareersSU iSchool career events updates, job postings, and useful career resources.
  • @WorkingOrange What's it like to be a working Orange? Guest @SyracuseU alumni tweeters share details of their work days & answer questions. .
  • #HireOrange Find opps for jobs and internships posted by Syracuse University alumni.

Linkedin Groups: ‘CuseConnect & iSchool

‘CuseConnect is a LinkedIn group open only to Syracuse University students and alumni.

The Syracuse University - School of Information Studies Linkedin group is specifically for iSchool students and alumni. Both groups offer students/alumni the opportunity to receive advice and gain insights from alumni who love Syracuse University  as much as you do.

You can search through the members of the group to find and connect with alumni in your career field of interest for the purpose of networking and gathering information about careers.

As a group, Syracuse University  alumni tend to be very giving and helpful to current students. The alumni who join the ‘CuseConnect group are particularly helpful. They have volunteered to assist SU students and fellow grads through the career exploration and job search processes. These alumni work in many industries and they are located all over the world.

These alumni groups are not a job placement service. Rather, it’s an opportunity for you to build your network of alumni contacts. Use them to gather information about employment trends, job functions, salary expectations, effective job/internship searches, and Syracuse University alumni career paths. It’s also a great way to gain experience using LinkedIn.

Using ‘CuseConnect & the iSchool LinkedIn Group

To get started, you must build a Linkedin profile. Once you build a LinkedIn profile you may request to join 'Cuse Connect and the Syracuse University - School of Information Studies (iSchool) group.

Once your request to join has been accepted, you can start discussions within the group, search for job opportunities, and connect with the alumni you find.

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