I selected these videos because they cover and introduce many of the key concepts and technologies that are treated throughout several of the Enterprise Data Systems (EDS) courses.

Topics related to cloud, software defined networks, network virtualization, network programmability, etc. are mentioned. They also emphasize how networking has changed and evolved from traditional network management and configuration tasks based on command-line-interfaces (CLIs) to a software driven, programmatic and automation based approach.

EDS students learn and practice on all of these technologies and many more while also achieving and understanding of their importance to the enterprise and its business goals.

Feel free to view each video below. The iSchool has also saved these videos as a curated playlist on YouTube for you to save or watch later!


A Visit Into The Cloud

This video shows what a “cloud” actually looks like. It is a collection of computing, storage and networking equipment organized and accessible in such a way that it can support many information based services.


Network Virtualization. Introduction

A brief and well-structured introduction to software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) which are the two key technologies that constitute network virtualization. They are the basis for how networks of the future will be deployed and evolve.


The Virtualization Revolution: NFV Unleashed

This video takes more in-depth view on NFV, but from an industry perspective. It discusses the potential for network function virtualization and the evolution of networking technology overall.


A NetDevOps Overview

In this video, Cisco’s Hank Preston explains the transformation of DevOps (Development + Operations) principles. He also discusses the tools to support the tasks of the modern network engineer and why it is important for professionals (and students) coming into networking to understand the new realities of the networking world – along with its tools and practices. These lessons are something we strongly emphasize in all of the EDS courses at the iSchool.


Social and Economic Effects of Open Networking

In this video (and after a 4 minute theatrical pre-introduction), the great pioneer of the Internet and co-inventor of the TCP protocol Vint Cerf presents his views of the evolution of networks and the impact they have had on the world.

I saw him deliver this keynote at the 2018 Open Networking Summit. Towards the end of the keynote, he he’s asked what advice he would give to the audience networking professionals. I found it quite striking and inspirational that he said that he was envious of the networking professionals that are now working in the field because of all the new technologies and capabilities to change traditional networks that are now available to us.

Being able to think of new possibilities for the use and deployment of networks is part of the skills that the EDS program tries to instill in its students.

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