Many things happen in IST 101 (Editor’s note: IST 101 is the iSchool’s First-Year Forum, an introductory course for first-year students). People meet new people, get their introduction to the iSchool, and apparently start a fraternity.

Kappa Theta Pi, the new professional fraternity in the School of Information Studies was started between Stephanie Worden’s 101 class and Jeff Rubin’s 101 class. Here is how it happened.

Fostering an Idea

Myself, Maeve Rule, President of Kappa Theta Pi, and Seth Weingarten, Vice President of KTP met over a rap battle and scavenger hunt during the iSchool’s semester kick-off barbecue for new students. Simultaneously, Ryan French (Treasurer), Kieran O’Halloran (Director of Technology), Dom Serrao (Director of Membership), Sophie Estep (Director of Professional Development), Max Kieser (Director of Engagement), and Mason Rosenthal (PFC Delegate) were meeting in Rubin’s 101 class. While all of this was happening Seth and Dom befriended each other in HST 101, creating the bridge between all of us.

As Seth and I became friends, one thing we constantly joked about was starting a fraternity for the iSchool. The first draft names were Iota Tau (IT), Phi Tau (PhIT), and Gamma Sigma Sigma Kappa, (GΣΣK). Aren’t you happy we scrapped that?

Through the jokes, Kieran and French were discussing with Professor Rubin their own idea to start a fraternity. They ended up hitting roadblocks and eventually put the idea on the back burner. During this semester, all of us took IST 256 (Application Programming for Information Systems). Dom introduced Seth and French, although not specifically for fraternity purposes.

Finding the Kappa Theta Pi Fraternity

Come fall 2017, Seth and I approach Stephanie during Peer Advisor training with our idea. She was amazingly supportive and put us on the right track. This is also where the pair of us were introduced to Mackenzie Corcoran, one of our PFC (Professional Fraternity Council) delegates.

We started researching established technology fraternities and looked into founding our own. A quick Google search lead us to the Kappa Theta Pi website, a route French and Kieran had taken in the past. Unfortunately, the national chapter was going through the process of becoming a national fraternity. Luckily, I was able to get in contact with Justin Anderson, the Director of Membership for the National Board.

We began looking to Syracuse’s Office of Fraternity and Sororities Affairs, and specifically the Professional Fraternity Council (PFC). Seth, French and I joined forces, reaching out to Delta Sigma Pi, the Whitman-based business fraternity for guidance. This was all while beginning serious contact with the KTP National Board.

From Idea to Fraternity

From there, we needed a team of dedicated people to start this fraternity. We found just those people. We went to every outlet we could find for help, presented to the Undergraduate Committee, and began the PFC application. If it wasn’t for the hard work each member put into to get this started, we wouldn’t be close to where we are this semester. Now, we are a functioning organization ready to take on new members.

As of this semester, we are the Delta Colony of Kappa Theta Pi. We’re an iSchool organization and have been welcomed into a probationary period with the Professional Fraternity Council. We could not thank Stephanie Worden and Jeff Rubin enough for not only fostering the relationships that created this, and for being our advisors. We look forward to a great first year of Kappa Theta Pi. As an organization, we hope to see you at our events and as a new member of the fraternity!