So you’ve been working at your summer internship for a few weeks: toiling away on important projects, making connections, exploring new cities and places, and maybe finding a few friends.

But now it’s July, the month that marks the halfway point for many internships. In a handful of weeks, you’ll begin to see people wind down their work and wrap up projects. And for you iSchool students out there, most of you will make your way back to campus to start the fall semester. It all happens so fast – so how do you make sure that you make this internship count and leave a good impression?

Lucky for you, this is a topic that our InfoSpace bloggers have touched on before. So we’ve gathered together some of our best blogs from past summer internship seasons to help guide the last few weeks of interning.

In these blogs, you’re going to find tips, tricks, inspiration, and little things you definitely do not want to forget to do before you step out the door on your last day. So get reading!

5 Things To Do Before Your Summer Internship Ends

Meredith Tornabene, the iSchool’s Associate Director of the Career Center, talks you through five key steps to tie up loose ends before leaving your internships. Meredith also includes some fantastic etiquette tips that will ensure that your internships supervisor and summer colleagues will remember you and your work in a positive light.

Your Internship is Ending … Now What?

Although it might not quite be time for your internship to end, take some advice from someone who’s been there: iSchool BS in Information Management & Technology and MS in Information Management alumna Anne Marie Suchanek. Anne Marie’s post is perfect if you’re looking for some extra motivation or suffering from a midsummer internship slump.

6 Ways to Maximize Your Internship Using LinkedIn

Have you signed in to LinkedIn lately? Now that you’ve had a few weeks to get to know people in your office, now’s the perfect time to start adding them to your LinkedIn network. Kelly Lux gives you a good crash-course in connecting on LinkedIn, specifically to better your internship experience.

LinkedIn Requests for the Young Professional

Still can’t quite get the hang of LinkedIn? Or does the possibility of making a networking misstep on the professional social networking site scare you to death? It’s okay! iSchool / Newhouse dual major alumna Jackie Barr gives you 5 simple and easy-to-follow options if you’re struggling to build your LinkedIn profile.

Don’t have an internship? We know this happens sometimes, and have two blogs just for you:

These blogs from Meredith and Anne Marie contain advice that is relevant year after year. If you’ve found yourself without an internship for the summer, don’t feel bad or dwell on what you could have, should have, or would have done … just read these blogs, get inspired, and get to work!

Do you have any career blogs that you like to follow for advice, tips, and tricks to help make the most out of your job or summer internship? Or maybe good organizations to follow on LinkedIn? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us at @iSchoolSU