Kristy Malley, a sophomore at the School of Information Studies (iSchool), has been named as one of the recipients of the Chauncey D. Holmes Award in recognition of her outstanding performance in the Earth Science 105 course for the fall 2015 semester. Kristy is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Information Management and Technology and a minor in Finance through the Whitman School of Management.

Alumnus Chauncey Holmes G’27, who received a master’s degree in geology from Syracuse in 1927, established the Chauncey D. Holmes Award. An esteemed geologist, Holmes considered raising geologic awareness among undergraduate students a prime objective of his academic career. The awards were established to recognize outstanding students in introductory geology courses.

Kristy delved into the course material, and put extra effort into the class because she is always eager and willing to learn scientific knowledge, which translated into doing well on the course.

“I chose this class because I wanted versatility with my study,” Kristy said. “In this class, we learned about the fundamentals of geoscience – specifically relating to rocks as the foundation of the earth. I had professor Bruce Wilkinson, who was absolutely hysterical and passionate about the subject, which in turn made the class really engaging. I found this class super interesting and truly enjoyed the learning experience.”

Kristy will formally receive the award at the annual Holmes Lecture and Awards Ceremony later in the semester.

As a technology enthusiast, Kristy has explored many different paths within the technology field at the iSchool, which offered her both technical and managerial courses and turned into her future career goals. They also taught transferable skills allowing her to apply her IT degree to any industry.

During her almost two years of study at the iSchool, Kristy was able to pursue her interests and passions in technology and concentrated her current studies into two areas – web design and project management.

“I got so involved in the iSchool because I had great role models to set an example, ranging from the advisors and professors to my peer advisor,” she said, “It’s been great to get to know so many people through my various involvements and to feel accepted in the close-knit community that the iSchool is.”

Kristy hopes to find a position working on the business side of technology in the future, specifically in IT consulting or project management. Last summer, by taking advantage of the networking opportunities provided by the iSchool, she accepted an internship with Voya Financial and worked in big data and data analytics. This experience led her to take another internship for the coming summer, where she’ll focus on project management and system analysis at Fidelity Investments in Boston.

In addition to her coursework, Kristy has also taken on the role of president of the Women in Technology Club, which aims at creating an environment within the iSchool where women can feel supported and empowered to be their best. “As a club, we get together and help out with events that relate specifically to Women in Technology, such as teaching workshops for the Girl Scouts during the Girls are IT event, as well as helping with the IT Girls retreat.”