It’s almost that time again iSchoolers: spring break! 8 glorious days when you don’t have to walk across campus snow dunes to Hinds Hall.

Whether you’re chilling at home or you’re on a beach in Punta Cana, spring break is a wonderful time to get moving on earning your summer 2019 internship. Here are my top 5 tips for maximizing your summer internship opportunities while off from classes for spring break.

1. Set Goals

Realize there are still plenty of opportunities in Information Management and Technology. Set reachable goals every day by mapping out a strategy.

Sure—you can still sleep in, but when you wake up and down your cup of coffee, hop online and commit to 45 minutes of internship browsing and searching every day. Then, by the end of the day, take at least one of the amazing internship opportunities you discovered and frame your cover letter and resume to fit the application.

By the end of the week, you will have submitted at least 7 applications. It’s a great way to make a mark in your search.

2. Polish Your LinkedIn Profile

Use this precious week to put some TLC into your LinkedIn profile. While you are applying to summer internships during the week, employers will most likely be checking out your LinkedIn profile. It will help to know that your confidence will shine through the vibrancy of your profile.

Add courses, projects, a catchy summary—whatever you can in order to make your professional social media presence look stellar. If you attended the spring iSchool Career Fair and had a headshot taken, please upload it as your new photo.

3. Connect & Reach Out to Alumni

For all those internships you are applying for, you will benefit from connecting with Syracuse University alumni on LinkedIn.

It’s also helpful to visit the “Syracuse University School of Information Studies Group” page on LinkedIn to connect with iSchool alumni.

When you discover an alumna or alumnus who works at the company you are interested in applying at, feel free to tailor an invitation and reach out to them for insight or advice.

4. Expand Your Internship Search

Expand your horizons from the traditional iSchool employers who may not actively come to recruit at Hinds Hall.

There are literally thousands of companies who would love to have an iSchool summer intern. Are you interested in IT & entertainment? Browse internships at Disney, MTV, VICE. Are you interested in IT in the travel industry? Check-out internships with JetBlue, Southwest, and Amtrak.

The point is that you are developing skills in a major that are needed everywhere! Browse Handshake, LinkedIn, and for broadening your search.

5. Know Your Resources

Visit our iSchool Career Services website. We have tons of resources that can help guide you independently on interview prep, resume and cover letter writing, and LinkedIn. Don’t forget about our InterviewStream platform that can help you practice your interviewing skills.

You will want to sign up for a career counseling appointment on Handshake to help prepare you for all of the interviews you’ll have from your spring break applications.