Jez Sabaduqia is an iSchool junior majoring in Information Management and Technology. This semester, Jez went abroad to Copenhagen – by the looks of his Instagram, he is having the time of his life!

Since the beginning of his journey, Jez started a blog called Jez Takes the World. He designed the website himself using skills he learned in IST 263. The blog features photos, videos, and short blurbs about his weeks abroad and each place he has traveled to so far. Check out the ways Jez incorporates social media into his journey!

iSchool Abroad

Jez chose the DIS program so that he could not only find a love for his studies in a new setting, but to have access to several different countries and experience their cultures. Each stop is expressed in it’s own personal blog on his website. In Copenhagen he lives with a host family while there.

He’s been introduced to the Danish culture not only in the classroom but at home as well. He even wrote an open letter to his host family about how much he appreciates their hospitality.

Jez decided to take his iSchool studies to Cophenhagen to learn more about the tech industry internationally. He’s visited companies like Instagram, Amazon, and Intercom. With DIS and the iSchool, they try to incorporate technology tours through their core course week. This way they can show the students different opportunities for them abroad.

Wherever an iSchool students chooses to take their studies and regardless of whatever academic career path take, just remember to live in the moment!


If you take a look at Jez’s bio on Instagram, it has a quick intro into all the amazing things he’s doing. He shows where he is at the moment by changing the flag emojis on his bio. He also updates the amount of countries he’s been to total.

Along with these updates, he always makes sure that his link to his blog is always up to date with his current post. Jez keeps his Instagram well-maintained with fun pictures and engaging stories for his viewers (and it’s very aesthetically pleasing).

Travel Buddy Spotlight

In Jez’s blog he creates different categories of what goes on week to week. One of those categories are highlighting the people he travels with. Whether it’s one of his classmates in the DIS program or a friend he meets up with while traveling to different countries, he uses his blogging platform to write and produce a video of their travels together.

How Jez Beats the Airlines

If there is one thing Jez is known for, it’s his ability to get the best prices on any airline. Growing up in New York City, Jez attended a specialized high school for Aviation where he learned everything he knows about airplanes. His secret talent is that he can spot any airplane and tell you the airline and the model.

With these special skills, Jez has learned how to also utilize social media such as Twitter to tell the airlines about his experience. Whether it’s flying to Bali or upgrading to first class, Jez knows his way around an airplane inside and out.

Dancing His Way Through the World

After reading through Jez’s blog, you may notice that not ever post is like the other. Some of them include vlogs of his journey. Within those vlogs Jez shows not only the beautiful countries he’s in, but his sweet dance moves along the way! He even has his friends join in on the fun. It’s a great way to not only add some pizzazz to his vlogs, but reminds him to keep being positive along the way.